How To Remove Acer Laptop Battery?

Are you struggling with removing the battery on your Acer laptop?

PERHAPS you need to replace the battery or perform some maintenance, but you’re not sure how to safely remove it without damaging your device.

Whatever the reason…

You’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ll show you STEP-BY-STEP how to remove the battery from your Acer laptop.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, my instructions will ensure that you can safely remove the battery with ease.

So if you’re ready to take action and remove your Acer laptop battery, let’s get started.

How To Remove Acer’s Main Power Battery?

If you have any saved files in your Acer laptop, it would be best to back them up to your hard drive to prevent losing data.

Now, to remove the Main Power battery of your laptop, follow the steps:

  • Shut down your laptop first. Secondly, make sure to remove all the cables and wires from it.
  • Now turn the laptop upside down after closing its screen.
  • You can see the clasps that are keeping the battery in its place. Slide those clasps and hold them until the battery is out.
  • After taking the battery out, close the clasps as before.
  • Before replacing it with a new battery, wipe the battery cells to clean them.
  • Now replace the battery with a newer one. Follow the steps backward and put the new battery inside the laptop.
  • The battery is correctly fixed into the Acer laptop when you hear the clicking sound.

How To Remove CMOS Battery?

Replacing the CMOS battery is a little more challenging and trickier than the main one. Its disassembly part is a bit difficult, so if you successfully remove the battery from it, the rest of the procedure is easy and quick. Follow the steps to remove the CMOS battery:

  • Turn off your Acer laptop and remove the battery adapter.
  • From the bottom, you have to take the battery out.
  • By using the flathead screwdriver, remove the framework of it.
  • Make sure to do the process by unfastening the screws that are present on the backside.
  • When you remove the backside of the Acer laptop, to have the front side on top again, turn the backside carefully.
  • Extend the laptop screen fully backward, and then remove the keyboard carefully. If you do not want to remove the keyboard, lift the keyboard upward and get access to the laptop’s motherboard.
  • First, locate the CMOS battery and try to remove it from the laptop. If you find its location under the motherboard, let it loose by undoing and turning the bolts. It will make it easier for you to access the CMOS battery.
  • Use a flathead screwdriver to push the CMOS battery upward and then take it out from the motherboard of the Acer laptop.
  • Replace the new CMOS battery inside and then carefully assemble all the components of the Acer laptop that you remove in the process of removing the battery.

How to Remove Acer Aspire V5 Battery?

Different models have different techniques and methods to remove their batteries, so make sure to know the model of your laptop and then try to remove its battery.

In some laptops, the battery locates under the framework, requiring a different removal method.

If you have Aspire v5 Acer laptop, then follow the steps to remove its battery:

  • First, shut down the laptop and remove all the wires and cables.
  • Flip the laptop upside down, and then unfasten all bolts from the back side of the laptop using the screwdriver.
  • Find the black rubber; if you find it at the bottom, then remove it.
  • After removing the rubber, you will see another screw that you have to remove.
  • Now, you will see an SD card slot on the laptop’s right side. Locate the black plastic section and slide it.
  • Open the framework by using any sharp-head tool or spudger. After opening the framework, you will see a motherboard.
  • Two bolts secure the battery; remove them by using a screwdriver. Now, lift the battery upward with a spudger.
  • Take out the battery from the laptop carefully.

How to Remove Acer Nitro 5 Battery?

Removing the battery from Acer nitro 5 is familiar with the process we discussed before. So, follow the given procedure to remove your Acer nitro battery:

  • Firstly, shut down your laptop and close its screen.
  • Remove all the cables or wires from it and flip it upside down.
  • You have to remove its RAM and hard drive.
  • All the screws you see on the back of the laptop, unfasten them.
  • Open the framework of the laptop by using any sharp head toll or spudger.
  • After removing the framework, you will see the battery that must be attached to the laptop’s motherboard.
  • Use any tool to remove the tape and detach the battery cable from the laptop’s motherboard.
  • The bolts that will secure the battery inside the laptop unfasten them using a screwdriver.
  • Take the battery out of the Acer laptop carefully. Make sure not to harm it in any way.
  • Replace the new battery with the old one.
  • If you want to change the CMOS battery also, you will find that battery alongside the main battery, remove it and replace it with a newer one.

How to Remove Acer Aspire 3 Battery?

If you are using an Acer aspire 3 laptops, you must wonder about its battery removal procedure. Don’t worry; here is the complete procedure to remove the battery of your Acer aspire laptop.

Follow the steps given below and remove the battery correctly:

  • Shut down your Acer aspire 3 and remove all its cables.
  • Make sure to power off its adapter before removing the battery.
  • Any cable wire must not be attached to the laptop during the process.
  • The RAM modules are located on the right side of the laptop. Remove the bolts by using any sharp head tool or spudger.
  • To release the RAM from the holders, press all sides, then take it out carefully.
  • Now, remove the hard drive. Detach the other bolts to open the framework by using the same tool.
  • Make sure to detach all the cables and wires to remove the hard drive.
  • Now, remove all the bolts from the backside of the Acer Aspire 3 laptop to access the motherboard by taking off the body.
  • Use a sharp head tool or spudger to open the backside bolts and body.
  • After removing the body, you will see the battery inside the laptop. There is a small chip connected to both battery and motherboard; disconnect it.
  • Be careful while doing this; make sure not to damage the wires.
  • Now, you can remove the battery from the laptop by lifting it upward.
  • Place the new battery inside the laptop and connect the chip again with it and the motherboard.
  • Carefully connect all the wires to the battery and close the body parts of the laptop.

Things to Remember Before Removing the Battery of Any Laptop

Remove Battery from Laptop

If you are doing it the first time or have experience removing the laptop’s battery is tricky.

Someone may damage the laptop’s wires, cables, or any inside component. As a result, you will lose your laptop.

So, here are some instructions and tips that will help you to remove your Acer laptop battery carefully and correctly without harming anything.

Read these tips and follow them whenever you change your Acer laptop battery.

  • First, you must never forget to power off your laptop before starting the battery removal process.
  • Make sure to remove all the screws, cables, and wires of the laptop.
  • Your hands must be clean, and there must be no water on them. It can harm your battery and wires if they become wet.
  • When you remove the back cover of the laptop, make sure to remove all the wires and cables to make the process more carefree.

Final Verdict

Congratulations, you have successfully removed the battery from your Acer laptop! I hope this step-by-step guide has helped you safely and confidently remove your laptop battery without causing any damage to your device.

Remember to handle your laptop battery carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have questions or concerns about your laptop battery, don’t hesitate to consult a professional.

Thanks for choosing our guide to learn how to remove the Acer laptop battery. We wish you all the best with your laptop maintenance and repair needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Remove the Unremovable Battery from The Laptop?

The term “unremovable battery” is misleading the users; the actual term is built-in batteries, which you can remove if any problem arises. But the main point is that do not try to remove them if you never try them before. Make sure to bring your laptop to any official manufacturer and ask him to do this for you.

Are Usually the Batteries of The Laptop Removable?

The standard batteries of the laptops are removable. The latest laptops allow a user to change the battery with a newer one if there is any problem.

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