How to Charge Laptop Battery with Wires?

Is your laptop charging port damaged, or do you want to charge your laptop battery with wires?

Whatever the case, you must be looking for a way How to Charge Laptop Battery with Wires.

Do you know the procedure? No? It must be frustrating, then.

Charging the laptop battery with wires is dangerous because the batteries cannot bear this connection. They cannot handle the direct charges from the wall outlet. Usually, battery explosion is the most common danger users can suffer.

So, make sure that you want a connection or not. If yes, then let me tell you in detail about how you can do it successfully:

Can You Charge the Laptop Battery with Wires?

The short answer is no; you cannot use wires to charge the laptop. No one can charge their laptop using the wires unless the person is a professional technician.

Theoretically, a user can charge the laptop battery with wires, but only if he knows each and everything about lithium-ion batteries. If you have used your laptop for many years, you might know little about the working of lithium-ion batteries.

Only a professional or technician can charge the laptop with wires. You cannot charge your laptop with wires if you know nothing about it. It is somehow brainy work, which only one in a million can do.

You can also do this by only dissection and creating some weird contraptions. With little brainy work, you can successfully charge your laptop with wires, but remember that it needs a lot of technique and hard work.

Suppose you are a normal user and don’t know much about batteries and connections; then go with the first-line answer to this topic. No, you cannot charge your laptop with wires, then.

Why Do You Need to Charge Your Laptop Battery Directly With A Wire?

Let’s concentrate on the question ‘’why would someone want to charge his laptop battery directly by using the wires?’’ the first reason behind this can be the faulty laptop charging port.

If your laptop charging port is not working or stopped, a user wants to use the wires directly to charge the laptop. Did you insert the charger into the port? It must be the reason if it cannot provide power to the battery and the battery is not getting the juice.

The faulty charging slot must be causing this problem, or there might be an issue with the internal wiring of the laptop. If that’s the case, then your laptop battery must not be getting the power for the laptop.

The second reason behind the usage of wires for charging can be the use of two batteries for the same laptop. If you have two, you might use one inside the laptop and want to charge the other one with wires.

In that case, it would be better to charge both batteries simultaneously and then use one in the laptop and save the other for future use. The third reason can be the adventurous experiment.

Some users want to try charging their laptop battery with wires. If you are one of them, you might be looking for a way to charge your laptop with wires. Charging the laptop with wire is tricky, so be careful if you want to follow.

Dangers Involved in Charging the Laptop Battery Directly with A Wire

Connecting the naked wires to the laptop battery is dangerous. Exploding the laptop battery is a common danger you can suffer from. When you place the laptop battery inside the laptop, the charges reach the battery after going through the external adapter and all the internal components.

There is an issue if the battery light starts blinking after connecting the battery to the wire. The charges which can come to the battery must be in calculated amount.

If you want to bypass all the components and let the charges go straight from the wall outlet to the battery terminals, that will not result pleasantly. There is a higher chance the laptop battery will explode in this procedure.

Remember that if you are using a lithium-ion battery, that can be so dangerous. You cannot do this procedure with the lithium-ion batteries. They have more energy density compared to other batteries.

If the lithium-ion battery explodes, the juice inside it can splash out and cause burns on the laptop and other objects around it. So, be cautious and think hundreds of times before directly charging the wires to the battery.

How To Charge the Laptop Battery with Wires?

Follow the steps given below to charge the laptop battery directly with the wires:

  • First, turn off your laptop and remove all external devices.
  • Locate the battery compartment; it will depend on the brand and structure of the laptop.
  • Usually, the batteries are located at the bottom of the laptop.
  • Unscrew the screws and take the battery out.
  • After taking out the battery, find the charging port on it.
  • Usually, the charging port on the battery is smaller and circular.
  • Grab the wire which you will use for the charging.
  • Connect one end to the battery charging port and insert the other into the wall outlet.
  • After making a connection, let the battery charge for the next 4-6 hours until it is completely charged.
  • It depends on how bigger the laptop battery is and how much power the wire is giving to the battery.
  • Once the battery is fully charged, remove the wire from the battery’s charging slot and also from the wall outlet.
  • Insert the battery back into the laptop and tighten the screws.
  • Turn on the laptop and check the battery level, ensuring the battery has full charging.

Final Verdict: How to Charge Your Laptop Battery with Wires

I hope the article was helpful to you and provided you with the complete information you needed.

Charging the laptop battery with the wire is somehow dangerous.

I recommend not doing it, but if you are eager to do this, follow the steps in this article. I’m sure these simple steps will help you in a successful connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Charge Laptop Battery Externally?

Yes, you can charge the laptop battery externally. If you want to do it, you must give it a proper protocol and algorithm to charge the battery completely to 100%. You can use any charger or wire to charge the battery externally without causing trouble.

How to Charge the Laptop Battery Without a Charger?

Charging the laptop without a charger is not something worrying. You can simply use the USB type-C adapter, a power bank, a universal power adapter, a car battery, or a super battery to charge the laptop without a charger.

Is It Ok to Charge the Laptop with Power Bank?

Yes, you can charge the laptop battery with a power bank. It is the simplest and easiest way of charging the battery without any problem. Remember that not all generic power banks can charge the laptop battery. Ensure that the power bank you use for charging is compatible with the laptop.

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