How To Prevent Laptop Theft from Car?

Do you often carry your laptop in a car during travel and want to protect it from theft? Believe me, it is easier than you would think.

This how to Prevent Laptop Theft from car guide is all you need. This article will help you with several tips and methods to prevent laptop theft from your car.

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Methods To Prevent Laptop Theft from Car

Here are some of the methods through which you can protect your laptop from theft. It only takes 10 seconds for your laptop to get stolen, so you have to take these protective actions;

Physically Protect Your Device from Theft

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to protect your device physically. You can do this by never leaving your laptop or any electronic in the car when you are not in the vehicle.

You must also ensure you are not walking in the street or any empty place with your laptop, not even for a minute.

If you are out of home with your laptop, don’t sleep anywhere while your laptop is not in anyone’s possession. Do not leave your laptop or other valuable items in a common area.

Don’t trust any stranger to take care of your stuff while you are away. It would help if you watched your stuff yourself and took them with you wherever you are going to mitigate the risk of them getting stolen due to lack of attention.

Register and Track Your Device

You can engrave the brand serial number on your laptop. You can also use commercial location software such as find my iPhone or LoJack security software.

You can set up this software on your laptop with the help of a technician. So, in the case of any theft, you can track your laptop’s location whenever someone turns it on.

There are other temper-resistant tags, and they help you identify your laptop when it is missing.

Protect The Data on Your Device

When your laptop gets stolen, you might be able to get a new laptop back sooner or later by saving money. But you can never have the same data on your laptop if you don’t take precautions.

Some information centers for electronics can help you add protection to the data and make a copy linked to your email account. You can now protect your data and then ensure the data is encrypted strongly.

No one can access your data without encryption and adding a password. So even if your laptop gets stolen in case, you can have a copy of all the saved data in your phone.

Time is Money

When your laptop gets stolen, you don’t need to waste time finding it yourself. First, you must make a police report and then get their help to take the lead on your laptop. Wasting time ling friends and family about your loss is not.

Leaving the car unattended can be a big loss for you. You should never leave your laptop inside your car; even if you have it and can’t take it with you, you should hide it under the seat so no one can see it from outside. You also need to lock your car properly when you are not around.

Carry It in A Briefcase

When walking around with your laptop, it is better to carry it in a locked briefcase, and no one except you can access the lock. You also need to ensure that these bags or cases are nondescript and no one can confirm what you have inside them.

Mostly thieves get the idea from how you carry something, whether valuable or not. It would help if you carried it casually, like it is random.

Use Cable Locks

It would help to carry your laptop with cable locks in a meeting or office. Public places are the places with more chances of thieves. It would help if you locked your laptop case with cable locks when not using your laptop.

They are the safest locks and protect your laptop at all costs. You must ensure your laptop is always protected and locked outside your home and in a public area.

Be Aware of Automatic Logins

When your laptop gets stolen, there are many automatic logins on your laptop that anyone can easily get access to. You need to ensure that you change all these login passwords.

When someone has your laptop, they can access your Google account and get all the information related to all your saved passwords.

You might also have a problem with messages; someone can send messages on your behalf to people by accessing your email or WhatsApp. Deleting and changing all your passwords as soon as possible is better.

Use an Alarm

You can attach a security alarm to your laptop if you want. The laptop anti-theft devices are also not 100% reliable. You might face serious damage if you rely on them and don’t take other protective actions. You can connect the alarm with failed attempts of password on your laptop.

If someone tries to open your laptop and that is not you, and they enter the wrong passwords, the alarm starts ringing, and you can learn about the danger.

This security alarm also can take pictures of the person trying to open the camera and send you the location on your registered mobile number of where the person is trying to open your laptop. These alarms are very useful if you want to protect your device.

Laptop Insurance

When you invest a lot of money in gadgets or electronics, you consider getting them insured. So, if something happens to them, you can get them back, and the company will take care of all the loss you have to endure.

Getting something insured is always positive, as you can rely on the company to pay you the amount you have lost at the exact time of loss.

Final Verdict: How to Prevent Laptop Theft from Your Car

There is a whole list of steps that you can take and tips you can follow to protect your laptop from theft. You need to ensure that all your possessions are always under your control and there is no risk of them getting stolen.

If you thoroughly read this article and take all the necessary steps to take care of your laptop, you can protect it from getting stolen. With the advance in technology, much anti-theft software is available on the internet, and all of them help you get your laptop back by tracking the location in minutes. You can check where your laptop is with this software.

Downloading multiple anti-theft software and setting up a security alarm on your laptop is a low-cost and effective method to protect your laptop from theft. Another important step that you can do is to store your data and make a copy of it and link it to your Google account.

In this way, you don’t need to worry about your data. This article helps you with other ideas and methods to protect your laptop from theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Keep My Laptop Safe in My Car?

If you want to keep your laptop safe in your care, ensure it is not in standby mode. Ensure protecting it from direct sunlight. You need to hide it or keep it under the seat so no one from outside can ensure that it is a laptop lying around in an empty car so they can steal it. It would help if you got an insulated laptop case to ensure privacy.

What To Do If Laptop Is Stolen From Car?

If you are sure that your laptop is stolen and you have checked everywhere where you could have put it, you first need to call the police immediately. You will require changing your account password and taking full authority over your sensitive data. You also need to activate the tracking devices linked to your laptop to check the location and get to know where your laptop is with the help of the police.

What Kind of Physical Security Can Help Prevent the Theft of a Laptop?

You can consider an alarm or lock available through many companies. These companies ensure that you are protecting and keeping your laptop secure. If you travel often and the areas are populated, you must ensure a proper alarm and security on your laptop. If someone tries to open your laptop without your permission, you will know immediately due to the alarm.

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