Why Is My HP Laptop Battery Draining So Fast?

Over time, HP laptop battery health deteriorates and can drain faster than normal. If you are facing the same situation and thinking why is my HP laptop battery draining so fast, there are several reasons why it happens.

There are many reasons why the HP laptop battery drains so fast. It can be due to high-performance mode, multiple running simultaneously, or you are running power consuming program.

Along with this, many other factors are causing your laptop battery to drain fast; all you need to do is to find the root cause and fix them.

Why Is My HP Laptop Battery Draining So Fast?

Why Is My HP Laptop Battery Draining So Fast?

There are many possibilities and reasons why your HP laptop battery is draining so fast. You need to ensure and check all these reasons and find out the real problem. Some of the common reasons include;

High-Performance Mode

Different power modes are associated with your laptop, which depends on every laptop’s performance level. Choosing a power-saving mode when your battery is running low will reduce your laptop’s power consumed by the background apps and brightness.

When your laptop is in high-performance mode, all the processing units are running in an emergency, and your laptop battery is getting consumed fast. Your laptop needs much power to continue working in a high-performance mode. You might get all your work done in time, but on the other hand, you will be losing your battery quite faster.

Multiple Programs Running Simultaneously

A lot of power is getting consumed due to many programs running on your laptop. Using your laptop with multiple programs running in the background means the processor is used more than it can tolerate.

This excessive work drains your laptop battery more than it can tolerate. If you are playing multiple power simultaneously, your laptop drains the battery quickly.

Sometimes you are not running any programs, but some background programs running make the working of your laptop slow. Along with this, all these background programs also drop the battery fast.

You must check all the behind scene background apps to make the working of your laptop smooth and the battery work efficiently.

Keyboard Backlight Is On

You might think of it as insignificant, but the light behind your keyboard that helps you see during the night also consumes a lot of your laptop’s power. You need to close this light when working in the daytime, and there are alternative lights in the room.

Turning the laptop lights on will make the battery drain faster. When writing in low light, you can consider turning these backlights on, which are useful for recognizing the right key. Still, you must also ensure that these backlights are responsible for draining most of your laptop battery.

Multiple Network Connections

When you are using multiple programs on your laptop, they tend to drain most of your laptop battery. In the same way, when you are using multiple network connections, your laptop requires a lot of power to function and work properly.

One network connection is usually enough to work and browse, and you need multiple connections to ensure specific purposes.

Selecting a single network and eliminating or removing the other options is better when you want to use the internet. You need to send and receive signals for your laptop to work according to your choice.

When multiple connections are available for your laptop, the laptop will connect any of them strongly available, which can result in heavy battery drainage.

You Are Running a Power Program

The battery draining from your laptop is mainly the result of all the programs you run on your laptop daily. When running a heavy program, your laptop might show some slow work, and the work processing speed increases.

When a laptop has to increase its work processor speed more than usual, it means the program is taking most of the speed of your processor. It means the laptop is draining more battery than it should.

Some programs you run on your laptop are more powerful and complex and need much power to work smoothly. When you are simply browsing on your laptop, the battery will begin to work for a long time, even when it is new.

If you use complicated programs such as video editing or image rendering, your laptop will need more energy, and the battery will drain more.

The brightness Level of Your Laptop is High

Along with using the keyboard backlight, you have to be careful while using the brightness level of your laptop. When the brightness level of your laptop is too high, the battery-draining power also becomes very high.

One of the main and common causes of your laptop battery draining quickly is using your laptop at a high brightness rate. The increased brightness causes a faster battery drainage than you can imagine.

If you are worried about the battery working on your laptop, you might wonder how the screen’s brightness affects the battery life. But high brightness level is highly responsible for bad battery timing.

You can go to the control panel and then display the setting of your laptop to lessen the brightness. You can also use the keyboard to decrease the brightness level of your laptop.

Multiple Peripheral Devices Connected to Laptop

Your laptop allows you to connect several devices to enjoy the optimal experience. All these multiple devices you connect to your laptop are peripheral devices. When you connect these devices, they are consuming and getting most of your laptop’s energy.

It means your laptop is draining most of the battery at a very fast rate. You need to ensure you are not connecting multiple devices with your laptop simultaneously to preserve some battery while using your laptop.

Fixes For Your HP Laptop Battery Draining Fast

Here are some of the fixes that can help you prevent your battery from draining fast;

1.   Change the Power Setting

The first step is to ensure you are not using your laptop in high-power mode. For this purpose, you need to open the start menu of your laptop and go to settings, which will open a new window of settings for you.

Here you must find the system and then choose power and battery. Now go to the power mode and check if the high-performance mode is selected. Select the power saving mode and close the high-performance mode to preserve some battery.

Check And Close Unnecessary Background Apps and Network Connections

Another important step is to close all the unnecessary background apps and network connections draining your battery.

  • To check the background apps, press ctrl, alt, and del. You can also click your keyboard’s ctrl, shift, and esc buttons.
  • When you click these buttons, a task manager will appear in front of you. Here you will have to find the processes.
  • There will be a list of all the applications and all the other processors running in the background.
  • You will have to select the apps and other unnecessary processes. Now click the end task to finish the process.

Turn Off the Keyboard Light and Reduce the Screen Brightness

Another important step is to turn off the keyboard light when there is plenty of light in the room to see the laptop screen. Another important thing to do is reduce your laptop’s screen brightness.

Reducing the screen brightness will ensure your laptop saves as much power as possible to stop the battery from draining fast. There is always a combination of buttons or a single button that can turn the keyboard light off and a separate button to reduce the screen brightness. You can try pressing F9, F11, or F5 buttons.

Final Verdict: Why is HP Laptop Battery Draining Fast

This article contains complete information about fixing your problem and giving a sigh of relief to your laptop and its battery. Following the fixes given above can help you prevent the battery drain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should My HP Laptop Battery Last?

Your HP laptop battery will last at least 2 to 4 years. You can charge your laptop at least 1000 times during this period. Some factors surely determine the lifetime of your battery, and you need to keep in mind the protective measures to have long and healthy battery life.

Is 2 Hours of Battery Life Good for A Laptop?

The average lifespan of a laptop battery when you charge it compete for one time is almost 2 to 3 hours or as high as 7 to 8 hours if the laptop is brand new. But it is alarming when your laptop battery drops to 2 hours.

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