How To Remove Battery from Lenovo Laptop?

Lenovo is a well-known brand that has been working efficiently for a few decades; this brand is famous for manufacturing laptops and desktops. You can also remove a Lenovo laptop battery at home, whether internal or external. If you want to know how to remove the battery from a Lenovo laptop, you are reading the right article.

If you own a Lenovo laptop and want to remove its battery, do not directly start at it; you need to learn how to remove it properly. You will get to know more than 1 method to remove your battery; you can easily take out the battery to charge it externally or to replace it.

There are two types of laptops; one has an external battery and the other than an internal battery. You will get complete information about removing both of them through this article. So, stay tuned!

When to Replace Lenovo Battery?

You should remove your Lenovo laptop battery if it’s broken and not working correctly. Before switching your battery, visit the Lenovo solution center to ensure your battery is actually broken or physically impaired.

Commonly, your battery life keeps reducing due to the high daily usage and less chance to charge it fully. Overcharging laptops also reduces the life of a laptop. It is normal to have less than 6 to 7 hours of battery or less time than when your laptop was new.

If you think your current battery life is insufficient and need the battery timing to increase, it is time to switch your battery. If possible, you can also get your battery fixed from the Lenovo Solution Center program; if not, they can find your compatible battery. Then you can exchange your battery and enjoy the full battery time as new.

How to Remove Battery from Lenovo Laptop?

Remove Battery from Lenovo Laptop

The battery is the powerhouse of every laptop; if the battery is not working fine, you don’t like using the laptop attached to a charger all the time. There are some events where your battery might get worn out, and you need to fix or replace it. You must remove the previous battery from your laptop to replace your battery.

Electronic parts are bound to wear out now and then, and you need to replace them. Replacing a laptop’s battery is better than changing the laptop. You can replace the battery easily at home after getting a new one or ask a technician for help, but the work is easy and doable at home. You can adopt two methods to change or remove the battery of your Lenovo laptop.

Here is complete detail about these two methods;

Method 1: To Remove Internal Lenovo Battery

The latest laptop edition contains internal batteries; removing them is quite a task. But it is not impossible to remove these batteries from your laptop. Due to the reason that batteries are internal, most people seek external help and technicians to remove these batteries.

In this modern world full of DIY videos and creators, every problem has a solution on the internet, and you can follow the guidelines if they knock some sense into you to solve your problems.

You can now remove and replace your internal battery at home; this process is less complex than most people think. There is a rear cowl on the back of your laptop; you can remove the battery of your laptop by uncovering the rear side of your laptop.

Follow this step-by-step guide to remove the internal battery of your laptop;

Step 1:

Disconnect your laptop from all the ports, chargers, USBs, and cables, and flip your laptop. Ensure there are no charging wires attached before flipping.

Step 2:

Take a screwdriver, and remove all the screws you see on the back of your computer. You can also remove the duvet by using some plastic prying tools.

Step 3:

After removing all the screws from the back side and uncovering the rear side ultimately, you will find your Lenovo battery on the bottom panel. There will be some other screws attached to the battery to keep it intact and in place. You can remove all the screws by using a good quality screwdriver, be careful while removing the internal screws as the place is sensitive, and the screws also have a micro size.

Step 4:

There will be a cable attached to the battery and the laptop; you will have to put off the cable immediately to remove the battery.

You can take this guide to remove the battery of mostly all models of Lenovo laptops, such as Lenovo ThinkPad and Lenovo yoga portable computers.

By following this guide, you can remove the batteries of all these laptops. But it is not always the case with all Lenovo computers. It is better to contact a technician if you can’t locate the battery without touching any internal parts of the laptop.

Method 2: To Remove the External Lenovo Battery

Removing the external Lenovo battery is very easy compared to the internal one. This process takes place without needing any screwdriver and removing any screws from your laptop.

Removing the external battery is straightforward, and you can easily find the battery on the device’s rear side. Some series of Lenovo have external batteries, making it possible for you to remove and exchange them more efficiently and effectively.

Here is a step-by-step guide to removing external Lenovo batteries from your laptops;

Step 1:

Remove all the plugins from your laptop, including chargers, USB devices, and other portable devices; these can cause an electric shock if you stay connected while you flip your laptop. After removing all the plugins, flip your laptop and locate the battery.

Step 2:

When you can see the total back side of the laptop, find the battery at its back. You will notice a battery on the above side of the laptop with a lock attached on both sides of the attachment.

Step 3:

You need to slide the latch, turn off the locks to the opposite position, turn the opposite facet on, hold the button to remove the battery, and keep holding the lock until you remove the battery. You can quickly and gently remove the battery from the locks.

This method removes the external battery; you can also return the new battery almost the same way. You don’t need to press or hold any buttons after getting in; press the battery to hear a click of the lock button.

When the battery gets back into the button, the click button is there to ensure that your battery is back to its locked position, and then you can restart or charge it to see its performance.

Final Verdict

If you own a Lenovo laptop or PC, it is your right to learn all the details and fixable of your laptop. This article teaches you about removing the battery from your Lenovo laptop, and you can do this by following the step-by-step guide given in this article.

There is a proper way to do everything, and you must learn the proper way before jumping to them. This article explains the two essential methods to remove your battery internally or externally. I hope you completely understand the procedure and can remove your Lenovo portable battery, whether internal or external.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lenovo Portable Computer Batteries Be Replaced?

Yes, you can remove Lenovo portable computer batteries as well. If you know how to remove the batteries by following the procedure and step-by-step guide in this article, you can easily remove the battery from your Lenovo laptop. If you follow the guide, you don’t need any technician or outside help to remove your battery. You can do it at home by yourself. If your battery breaks and you need a new one to replace it, you can do it at home by getting a new one.

Does The Lenovo IdeaPad Have a Removable Battery?

When Lenovo started its IdeaPad series, there were all externally removed batteries. Until 2019, all the employment created external batteries, which worked fine. After 2019, all the batteries created and made by Lenovo were internal; you had to unscrew the cover and then the battery to remove and replace it. When you pop out the rear cover of the battery, it is easy to remove and replace it.

How Do I Take Away the Battery from my Lenovo IdeaPad 330?

You must remove the bottom panne, put off the device, and unplug all the switches. There will be 10 switches that you will have to remove. You will have to use a mastered tool that is perfect for removing the micro and other small screws from the laptop’s back and being careful in this whole process as the internal area of the laptop is quite sensitive to damage. After disconnecting the battery, you need to take the five screws present in that area marked red in the unit.

Can Lenovo IdeaPad a Hundred and Ten Runs While Not a Battery?

Yes, your Lenovo IdeaPad will run without a battery; a portable computer has to work even when there is no battery or a dead battery. If you want to use your computer even when the battery is dead, you can do this by continuously connecting the battery to an associate degree electric receptacle. You need to confirm the mistreatment of the initial portable charger and constantly keep it on charge to make it work.

When Should I Replace My Battery?

You don’t need to change or replace your battery until it is damaged or broken. If you think your battery timing is reducing, it is common after a few years due to excessive use. If you notice that your battery life is degrading, you can consider replacing it by following the method given in this article.

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