How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually Using External Options

Batteries are an essential powerhouse of laptops, making laptops worthier than PCs due to their battery storage capacity and working wirelessly for hours. If your charger has stopped working for some reason, you may look for ways how to charge laptop battery manually using external options.

Most laptop users use external power sources to avoid power problems. The good thing is you can charge your laptop battery manually. There are several methods and ways to charge your laptop’s battery manually, and you won’t need any power supply from the laptop. Stay tuned to get complete information about manually charging laptop batteries.

Charging Laptop Battery Manually

Plenty of methods and ways to manually charge your laptop’s battery without a charger. Here is a complete list of things you can do to charge your laptop battery externally, and they are easy to follow;

1. Universal Power Adapter

One of the best methods to charge your laptop battery is using the universal power adapter. As the name suggests, the universal power adapter helps charge many laptops and is compatible with many laptops regardless of brand and ports. It would help if you plugged in the adapter, and the battery will start charging faster and better.

There is no particular universal adapter for a laptop, but if you get Chromebooks, HP laptops, and Dell laptops, they will work perfectly for your laptop. You can also tell the shopkeeper about the amps and voltage of your previous laptop, to be precise, that you are using the correct charger that matches the compatibility of your actual charger. Before removing the battery, you must know the laptop’s dissembling steps from the internet.

2. External Battery Charger

You can also get an external battery charger to charge your laptop manually. You will have to get the same company’s charger as the laptop. Laptop batteries are specific for each laptop, and you can’t attach one battery to the other.

It would help to have a specific charger for each laptop that matches its compatibility. Connect the battery with the external charger and look for the charging order; you might face some difficulty in finding a universal connector. Still, it is good to double-check the external charger’s requirement to ensure the battery is the right fit for your laptop.

External battery charger needs proper monitoring if they are charging or not. You might need to put the charger back inside the laptop now and then to ensure it is rightly plugged in and the charging percentage is increasing.

3. Use USB-C

In the previous laptop models, charging laptops with USB was impossible. But that is not the case with USB-C; you can charge your laptop’s battery with the help of USB-C. It is different from a standard USB port and is present only on the latest models and designs of laptops available in the market.

A USB-C port is the latest addition to the USB types, and you can use it to charge your laptop quickly. This USB port is also compatible with charging and standard data transferring. The connection of USB-C is the size of a micro-USB connector, which makes this USB port unique. USB-C is versatile, and you can connect more than one device to this port with the help of one cable.

You can use your phone’s USB-C charger to charge your laptop. You can easily buy this charger from electronic stores and other online orders. Your laptop should be the latest model with USB-C compatibility to connect the charger.

You can check the compatibility, you can check the ports on your laptops, and if you are unsure if there is a USB-C port or not, you can check for the laptop’s model and details and then check if it is compatible with USB-C or not.

4. Portable Laptop Chargers

Plenty of portable laptop chargers are available in the market today, and you can find a compatible portable laptop charger that connects with your charger and charges efficiently. If you want a perfect portable charger, it must be lightweight and compatible with the power output.

You can check the range of systems, power output, and other details on the internet, check for your laptop’s compatibility, and buy one.

5. Use Solar Energy

Solar energy cells have replaced electricity in most areas, and different areas across the country use solar plates and cells to fulfill their electricity needs. This type of energy is environmentally friendly and beneficial for nature as well.

You can recharge your laptop without a charger through these solar cells. A single solar cell can quickly turn cosmic rays into power and then deliver them to various batteries. This cell can transfer energy to AC and DC devices, and there is a versatile, economical, and productive method to use specific electric gadgets.

If you have a solar cell and can use solar power easily, you can quickly convert this energy to charge your laptop. This solar charging is wholly environment-friendly and also increases the device’s productivity.

6. Charge from a Power Bank

Any person who can’t sit back at home to work and needs to work remotely from one place to another cannot always have access to a power source to charge the laptop; he can charge the laptop with a power bank in such a case. Power banks provide long-lasting battery timing; there is also an option to use super batteries for your laptop that provide long-lasting battery timing throughout the year.

There are different laptop ports; some are for energy input, while others are for energy output. Port C brings the power into the system; otherwise, you can find other ports for your laptop to work with. The power bank gets attached to any USB port and works best for power input into the battery and charging it efficiently. If your laptop has a type C port, you need a type C to type A converter then you can charge it with a power bank.

7. Super Batteries

If all of the above methods are unsuitable for you, you can move to super batteries, and through them, your laptop can run for 8-10 hours non-stop. They help to run the laptop constantly; these batteries allow you to charge your computer, and you don’t need the original charger to charge them.

If you have a laptop and want to travel from one city to another, that might take all day, and you need to work on the same day, you might not find any place to charge your laptop, and you need super batteries if you want to run your laptop all day.

These super batteries are perfect alternatives for chargers; you need to charge these batteries and then work on your laptop without a pause. You will be good to go for a whole day and maybe more than that if the laptop’s original battery is complete along with the super battery. You can find your laptop-compatible super battery online or from a gadget shop near you.

8. Using an AC Adapter

You can charge your laptop using an AC adopter; there might be an AC port on your laptop if it is of the latest model. You need to attach the AC adapter directly to your laptop AC port. If your laptop does not have an AC port, don’t worry.

There is a solution to this problem. You need a connector that can attach your AC adopter to any port to DC or any other port available on your laptop. With the help of these adapters, charging is easy.

Final Verdict: How To Charge Laptop Battery Without Laptop

You can use the laptop without a battery and but this way, you cannot carry it to places wirelessly. So, you will need to learn how to charge the battery externally. After reading this article, I am sure you can charge it without a laptop using the above methods.

You can use it for the whole day without putting it on charge. But, if there is a problem with its charger or you don’t have a power source near you to charge your laptop, you need alternative ways to charge your laptop externally.

This article contains various ideas to support you in manually and externally charging your laptop battery. If your laptop has a long battery life, it helps you in difficult times. Using an original charger with the laptop ensures perfect battery timing for a long time. I hope this article solved your answers and gives you the best method to charge your laptop manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Charge a Laptop Battery Externally?

You can use a USB-C cable if your laptop supports a USB-C port. It would help if you ensured the cable had a plug adapter. You can recharge a laptop externally by connecting the power cord to the laptop power socket and plugging it into the other. While you put your computer battery on charge, you can continue to use your computer like usual.

How Can I Charge My Laptop Battery Manually?

You can quickly charge your laptop battery by removing it from it and connecting it with an additional battery. You can charge it with a power outlet, universal adapter, or solar cell. After charging the battery, unplug the charger and install the battery back into the laptop when the battery is full.

Is It Feasible to Charge a Laptop Battery from Outside the Computer?

You can charge your laptop battery outside the computer using a battery charger. One of the other options to charge your laptop is through a third-party adapter, also known as an external charger. You can easily take the battery out of your laptop and connect it to the external charger, wait till it charges, and connect it back to your laptop.

I Don’t Have an Adapter; therefore, How Can I Charge My Laptop Battery?

There are many alternatives to charging a laptop without an adapter; you can use a power bank or USB-C port charger. You can also use a vehicle battery to charge your laptop. If you have a universal power adapter, you can use it to charge your laptop; a USB-C adapter is also perfect for charging your laptop.

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