How To Charge A Laptop With Your Phone?

Are you in a hurry, and your laptop is out of battery? That must be super frustrating if you go to a meeting or any important place. Do you have its charger? If not, that must also be a bigger problem. Sometimes, we forget a few things at home in a hurry. If you have left the charger at home, you must wonder, “How to charge a laptop with your phone?”.

Don’t worry; charging the laptop with a mobile is easier. All you need is a USB type C cable for connection. That will be perfect if you have your mobile phone type C cable. Connect one end of the USB type C cable to the laptop’s port and the other to the mobile phone. The battery will start transferring from mobile to laptop.

Easy, right? You must want detail about charging a laptop with a mobile. Let me tell you how to do it:

Things To Consider Before Charging a Laptop with A Phone

It is easier to charge the laptop with a smartphone. Your laptop must have a USB-C port to get charged with the mobile. If your laptop has a USB-C port, there will be no trouble in its charging with a phone.

If you use the mobile charger for charging the laptop with a phone, remember that the Android mobile charger does not work for Apple products. It is because the Apple ports are manufactured differently, so the Android chargers or cables do not fit into their ports.

It is the most important thing to remember whenever you charge your laptop with a phone by using the phone charger. Ensure that the cable or charger you use for charging fits in the laptop’s port. The port means USB port.

Type-C USB connectors are better than many other cables. They are reversible, charging the laptop more quickly than other connectors. If your laptop has USB type-C port, then charge it with a USB type-C cable.

How To Charge The Laptop With Mobile?

To charge your laptop with your mobile phone, you must have a type-C USB cable. Your mobile phone must be fully charged. Plug one end of the USB cable into the laptop port and the other end into the mobile phone.

After connecting them, select the USB option indicating the power supply to the laptop. The USB cable will start transferring the mobile power to the laptop. Here are some tips to get the most charging out of your phone’s battery for your laptop:

  • Turn off the wireless features: If you decide to use your phone for laptop charging, you will not use it for some time. Turning off the phone’s Wi-Fi, GPS or location service, mobile data, and other wireless features would be better. Turning them off will make the phone transfer all of its power without use.
  • Turn on the laptop’s Airplane mode: While on the point, you need to turn on the airplane mode of your laptop to let all the wireless features turn off simultaneously. It will preserve the battery for the laptop.
  • The charging cable must be high quality: For a laptop charging with a phone, you must use a high-quality USB-C cable. USB type C cable can provide 100 watts of power. That is why quality is a must for the cable. USB type C cables are perfect for laptop charging, especially when you use an adapter.

The type C USB cable is the perfect method to charge your laptop with a mobile phone. But there are also some disadvantages to using this cable. The first disadvantage is you will get only limited battery power from the smartphone.

Even if you drain the mobile battery, it will still not be enough to increase the laptop battery to a maximum level. Using the mobile phone daily for laptop charging and draining its battery is not a good idea for the mobile.

Charging your laptop with a mobile phone must be the last idea to charge it. There are many other methods to charge the laptop by using other devices. The most convenient one is using the USB type C port to connect the laptop to a power bank or any other device.

Other Ways to Charge the Laptop

1. Charging the Laptop with A Mobile Phone Charger

Charging the Laptop with A Mobile Phone Charger

Using the mobile phone charger is not perfect for charging the laptop. But if you do not have anything else or any other cable for charging, then mobile charging can do well. It is possible to charge the laptop with a mobile phone charger.

If you forgot the mobile phone at home or your mobile phone is also out of battery, how will you charge your laptop? Using the mobile phone charger will be the best idea in that case.

A mobile phone charger is a great alternative for mobile phones. As you have read above, a mobile phone charger can charge your laptop easily. It can hold 100 watts of power, making charging the laptop easier and quicker.

The main adapter enables the laptop to get the maximum power out of another device. If you have a mobile phone adapter, it will only deliver 5 watts of power.

But on the other hand, if you have q high-quality adapter which can transfer more than 30 watts of power will be the perfect one. So, the battery transferring process will be slower if you use the USB type C cable with a phone adapter.

2. Charge the Laptop with A Power Bank

Charge the Laptop with A Power Bank

Charging the laptop by using the power bank is also possible. The process is similar to charging a laptop with a mobile phone. If your power bank supports the USB-C connection, it will be a wonderful idea to use it for laptop charging.

If you already have a power bank for your mobile phone, that must be on the budget of your mobile phone. But if you want to charge the laptop, then your laptop will need a larger power bank for connection and charging.

Ideally, the power bank with 10,000 mAh or greater will be the best for the laptop. Grab the USB-C cable and connect one end to the laptop port and the other to the power bank port. The laptop will start receiving the power bank battery.

3. Use A Universal Adapter for Charging

If you have an old laptop, then a universal adapter can also charge it. Since the universal adapter has interchangeable tips, which will support your laptop while charging.

If you do not have any device nearby, you can connect the universal adapter to the car’s cigarette lighter. It can give 12 volts to the laptop. Plenty of these tips are available on the internet; if you lose one, you can replace it with another one.

Using the universal adapter is similar to using the laptop’s original charger for charging. While with the advantage, using the universal adapter also has some disadvantages.

There is a high risk of losing the adapter in case of voltage or ampere fluctuations. If you keep connecting the adapter for longer, that will result in the laptop overheating and damaged parts. So, using the original adapter and charger to charge the laptop is better.

Final Verdict: How to Charge a Laptop With a Phone

I’m sure the article was helpful if you were looking for ways to charge your laptop with a mobile phone. I have described the entire process of how to charge the laptop successfully with the mobile phone.

You must be careful about using a high-quality USB port cable for connection. Check which type of port your laptop has and which kind of cable will suit for connection. Using a mobile is not the best option, but you can use it once or twice if there is nothing to charge the laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Charge A Laptop With A USB-C Phone Charger?

You can use a USB-C phone charger to charge the laptop because it is a universal charging standard. Technically, it does not matter which type of USB you use for charging, but ensure that the USB cable you choose can connect to your laptop port and charging pot, like a power bank, etc.

Can I Charge My Laptop With USB?

Yes, charging your laptop using a USB cable is possible. If your laptop has a built-in USB port, use a USB type C cable for connection. Ensure that the cable you use has its adapter; otherwise, the laptop adapter will be the best idea. Most laptops use USB-C-type chargers as the primary and original chargers.

How Can I Charge My Dead Laptop Without a Charger?

Many possible ways to charge your dead laptop without a charger. Here are some of them:

  • Connecting the laptop to the universal power adapter.
  • Use a power bank for laptop charging.
  • Use HDMI cables to charge your laptop.
  • Use USB cables to charge a laptop in a car.

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