How To Connect PS5 to Laptop?

Have you recently purchased a PS5? If yes, you might not know how to connect PS5 to laptop or PC. Users usually become worried after purchasing a new gaming device due to the lack of knowledge about their connection. Don’t worry; connecting the PS5 to the laptop is not difficult.

You can connect your PS5 to your laptop or PC in simple ways. The HDMI input video capture card and Remote play are the two straightforward ways to connect your PS5 to the laptop. Purchasing an HDMI video capture card is an expensive way to connect. Still, it is so reliable compared to Remote play.

Want their detailed methods? Let’s dive into the article and learn how you can connect PS5 to the laptop successfully:

Can I Connect My PS5 to My Laptop?

Yes, connecting the PlayStation 5 to any laptop is possible. There are two simple ways to connect PS5 to the laptop, both of which are straightforward. The first method is to use the HDMI video capture card, and in the second method, you will use the Remote Play feature for the connection.

You can directly connect your PS5 to your laptop if your laptop has an HDMI input port. Connecting would be easier, but if there is no HDMI input port, the two ways I will describe will be better.

The remote play option is the cheapest and easiest one compared to the capture card option. The remote play option lets the gamers play games even far away from the laptop. The laptop will connect to the PlayStation over the internet.

However, if the internet connection is poor, it can cause problems in playing games. In that case, using the HDMI cable to connect the laptop to PS5 to enjoy the gaming screen on a laptop will be a better option.

This option is quite expensive but so reliable. Purchase a USB port to connect the laptop to the video capture card device. The connection process is simple, so connect the laptop to it and enjoy your game.

Methods to Connect PS5 to Laptop

Here are the detailed instructions:

1. Connect Through HDMI Video Capture Card

Connect Through HDMI Video Capture Card

The video capture card lets gamers stream or play games from any gaming console. The capture card captures the audio and video signals from the HDMI port. Then it transfers those signals to the laptop display.

Check your laptop’s HDMI port; if you see any “IN” written on it, you are the lucky user whose laptop already has an HDMI port. You can directly insert the PS5 cable into the laptop and enjoy games.

Your HDMI port can catch the signal input from the PS5. Connect your HDMI cable to the laptop IN port, and your laptop is ready for gaming. If your laptop does not have IN port, you must spend some cash to purchase the capture card to connect PlaySation5.

After purchasing the video capture card, follow the steps given below:

  • Grab a USB cable to connect the video capture card to the laptop USB 3 port.
  • By using the S-video connection cable, connect the Capture Cable to PS5.
  • You must connect the console to the HDMI wire’s output port and Capture Card to the HDMI input port.
  • Now, download or install the video capture card on your laptop. The software will be available on the internet or can also be found with VCC.
  • After turning the console ON, launch the Capture Card software on your laptop.

After connection, the PS5 user interface will appear on your laptop screen. Enjoy playing games on your laptop after the successful connection.

2. Use Remote Play

Use Remote Play

If you do not want to purchase the video capture card, you can use the remote play feature to enjoy games on your laptop. Sony PlayStation Remote Play allows users to enjoy games on any device, like a laptop or PC, after connecting with a console.

It can make the game buffer or lag as it is streamed. The HDMI cable connection is far better because users will not face buffering or lagging. But the game will keep buffering using the remote PlayStation if the internet is not too strong.

On the other hand, using the remote PlayStation prevent you from spending a lot of money on a capture card. Like a capture card, you can play 5 games on the laptop using Remote play.

Here are some simple steps to connect PS5 to the laptop by using Remote play:

  • Turn your PS5 on.
  • After turning it on, go to your laptop screen.
  • Install or download the Remote Play app on your laptop or MacBook.
  • If you have a PlayStation account, sign in to it. If you successfully signed in, move to the next step.
  • Go to the Settings of the Remote Play app, and configure your preferred resolution.
  • Refresh the rate now.
  • Your Remote Play will automatically connect to the PS5. Your PS5 account will also sign into it automatically.
  • You will get access to the console from your laptop by using it.
  • Select which console you want to connect to if there is more than one console.

Your internet speed must be 5Mbps to use Remote Play. If you want to enjoy games and get speedy gaming, using an ethernet cable for a better connection would be better. The hardware specs need good internet to work on game streaming without lagging.

Final Verdict: How to Connect PS5 to a Laptop

If you were wondering about setting up the connection of the PS5 to the laptop, I hope this article has provided you with complete knowledge about it. It would be wonderful if you wanted to enjoy gaming by connecting your console to any laptop or PC.

There are two simple methods that I described in this article. Follow the steps carefully and enjoy your gaming time. Ensure to correct the connection; otherwise, a poor connection will result in poor gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Play Ps5 Using a Laptop as A Monitor?

Yes, using a laptop as a monitor to play the PS5 is possible. The procedure is simple. All you need is a HDMI input port. Connect the HDMI input port to the laptop and console. It lets the users enjoy playing PS5 on the laptop screen.

Can A Laptop HDMI Port Be Used as Input?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the laptop HDMI port for the connection. Your laptop must have a separate HDMI input port called “HDMI-IN.” If the laptop has it, you are the lucky user. Purchase a video capture card and use it for connection.

Why Is Remote Play So Laggy?

If your internet connection speed is low, your remote play will buffer and become laggy. A poor connection can reduce the streaming quality, resulting in laggy remote play. Other connected devices with your network can also utilize the bandwidth, making remote play laggy.

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