Why Does My HP Laptop Keep Disconnecting From WiFi

No matter how upgraded a laptop you own, you will have to troubleshoot software and hardware issues at some point.

One such issue is the HP laptop disconnecting from WiFi. If you are a victim of this issue and figuring out why does my HP laptop keep disconnecting from WiFi, this article will help you resolve this issue.

It may happen for several reasons, like poor connection, outdated drivers, airplane mode, battery saver option, etc. But the good thing is that you can fix these issues and enable your WiFi connection again on your laptop.

So let’s start!

Why Does My HP Laptop Keep Disconnecting From WiFi

Why Does My HP Laptop Keep Disconnecting From WiFi

Sometimes hp laptops may face issues while connecting to WiFi, and users have a tough time to figure what to do. Don’t worry. Here are some reasons and their fix if your hp laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi.

Disable The Automatic WiFi Switch Off Option

Sometimes laptops ask to pick between keeping your wireless network running or saving battery, and most users choose the second option. They don’t know why and ask for professional help when it happens.

When you choose this option and leave the WiFi on for a long period, the system will turn it off automatically to save the battery. So if you don’t want to happen again, turn off this feature. For this, follow the below steps:

  • Open Device Manager from Settings.
  • Here you will see a list of connected devices to your HP laptop.
  • Locate your network adapter and right-click to enter its properties.
  • Access the Power Management option.
  • Uncheck the option “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.”
  • After this, your laptop will not turn off your WiFi connection to save the battery.

Make Sure The Drivers Are Updated

Drivers are an important part of any system as they are responsible for running every component you have in your laptop motherboard. With new technology, these drivers become outdated and require an update. So as for the network drivers. If the network drivers in your laptop are outdated, they may not work properly, and you face an occasional disconnect from the WiFi connection.

Windows 10 and 11 have a feature that updates the drivers automatically by checking the system constantly and downloading and installing them without any manual prompt. So it is important to keep your drivers updated and enable the feature to give optimal performance.

It is important to know that manufacturers don’t guarantee the performance and quality of drivers if you get them from any other source instead of the official website. So it is good to download these drivers from an official site.

Make Sure There Is No Signal Outage

If your hp laptop may not connect to a WiFi connection, it may happen due to the issue with the other side device. It means that ISP or internet service provider may cause issues with their equipment.

Check if your internet router and connections are stable to resolve the issue. You can also turn off the router for a few seconds, turn it on, and see if it resolves the issue. It is also possible that the problem is from the internet providers.

So it is good to wait for a while because your provider may resolve the issue by fixing it to know the problem with the equipment. Moreover, it may happen due to the scheduled maintenance process.

To know about the issue, you may need to check the official site of your internet connection to know if the service providers are trying to resolve the issue. You can also call the customer service center if your internet connection fails.

HP Laptop Keeps Turning Off the WiFi

You may need to turn off your HP laptop’s WiFi adapter if it disconnects occasionally and reset it. Follow the below steps to turn off and WiFi and reinstall it.

  • Go to “Device Manager.”
  • Open the network adapter menu.
  • Choose your WiFi adapter and right-click on it.
  • Click “Uninstall.”
  • Restart your laptop.

Usually, your system will reinstall and start the drivers automatically. But if this may not happen, download and install them manually for your HP laptop.

HP Laptop WiFi Is Not Turning On

If WiFi does not turn on your HP laptop, you may need to restore your system. It will restore the connection, refresh your system files, and set them when your WiFi connection works properly without impacting your files. Follow the below steps to restore your system.

  • Type Recovery in the Windows search box and press enter.
  • Click Open System Restore from the recovery menu.
  • Click Choose a different restore point.”
  • Check the box next to “Show more restore points,” and a list will appear of points.
  • Select your most recent recovery files.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Finish to end the setup.

Now check if it restores your WiFi connection. If your WiFi connection still may not establish, the issue is with your WLAN card. You may need to replace it.

HP Laptop WiFi Keeps Dropping Out

Why Does My HP Laptop Keep Disconnecting From WiFi? The issue is with the network router if your hp laptop keeps dropping out the WiFi signals. Some power files may turn off your WiFi connection to save energy. To turn off this feature, follow the below steps.

  • Go to Device Manager.
  • Choose WiFi drivers from the network adapter menu.
  • Right-click to choose the appropriate drivers.
  • Uncheck the box that allows the apps to turn off the WiFi.

Final Verdict: Why Does the HP Laptop Keep Disconnecting from WiFi

A WiFi connection is one of the basic needs of your laptops to perform basic functions like web browsing or live video streaming. If your HP laptop may not connect to the internet, you may need to update the drivers or improper connections.

If you are facing these issues, you may need to check for the updates and then the connection of your laptop to the internet source.

I hope this guide explains why my HP laptop keeps disconnecting from WiFi. Resolve the issue using the above methods and enjoy your reliable internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my HP laptop from disconnecting from WiFi?

If your laptop consistently drops off the wireless connection, you may need to restart your laptop and the internet source. When you restart both your devices, it may refresh the wireless connection and resolve the issue.

Why is my internet disconnecting every few minutes on my laptop?

It may happen due to the outdated firmware on your device. If you don’t update your firmware, it may occasionally drop WiFi signals due to registration issues. However, your ISP automatically updates the connections. Still, you may need to double-check it to ensure you have the latest firmware.

How do I update my WiFi driver software?

Open Device Manager by pressing Windows, or you can find it by typing it in the search box. Right-click on your wireless adapter and select Update driver software. Select the option and locate the drivers you want to update. Windows will automatically install these drivers.

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