How To Protect Your Laptop from Physical Damage?

Have you recently bought your dream laptop with hard-earned money and looking for ways to protect it from damage? This comprehensive guide about how to protect your laptop from physical damage is all you need.

Your laptop is one of the most important gadgets you may possess as a student or gamer. It is not just a device for surfing the web, watching movies, or playing games but also an indispensable tool for work, study, and communication.

However, laptops are fragile devices that require careful handling to avoid physical damage. In this guide, we will share some useful tips to protect your laptop from damage caused by accidental drops, spills, overheating and other hazards.

Following these simple measures, you can keep your laptop in tip-top condition and extend its lifespan.

10 Ways to Protect Your Laptop from Physical Damage

Here is a list of ideas and tips that you might need to protect your laptop from any physical damage;

Get A Laptop Sleeve

Get A Laptop Sleeve

When you get a new laptop, remember to get a laptop sleeve as well. You must ensure that you keep your laptop safe as much as possible. You should avoid taking your laptop out on the road and keep it safe from different bumps and bangs.

You should use a laptop sleeve while using it or taking it out on the road. This sleeve will prevent any scratches and damaging the surface.

A laptop sleeve is a padded case that will add a layer of protection to the laptop surface and protect your laptop’s screen. When you buy new sleeves, check if they fit correctly and if there are good compartments for keeping your stuff. These sleeves consist of durable and long-lasting such as polyester and neoprene.

Many laptop sleeves available in the market are water-resistant, and these sleeves help keep the laptop safe from spills and other water damage. These sleeves are lightweight and do not add to the laptop’s weight; they make it look stylish and easy to carry.

Regularly Clean Your Laptop

Regularly Clean Your Laptop

Keeping our computers clean is crucial to ensure they are properly working and safe from dust. Computer cleaning includes cleaning the surface, keyboard, and other components.

If you do not keep your laptop clean, it is more likely to break down and be damaged due to overheating. If you want to keep the laptop clean and germ-free, clean it perfectly daily.

When someone looks at your laptop, they first notice the dust it is covered in and how many times you use it. Dust can damage your computer by clogging the fans and overheating it.

You can use compressed air to clean your laptop and hold the can upright to prevent the dust from blowing back into the computer. You can use lint-free cloth or wipes to completely clean the screen and keyboard compartments.

Buy Good Quality Anti-Theft Backpack

Buy Good Quality Anti-Theft Backpack

You need to invest in a good and durable anti-theft backpack; different types of thieves and pickpockets are running around the city. It would help if you protected your laptop from these thieves as they can be anywhere worldwide. You must provide extra care and protection to your laptop and belongings whenever you step outside.

A good quality anti-theft backpack is the best way to protect laptop. Anti-theft bags are slightly different from ordinary backpacks and have many specialist security features to protect your device and other accessories, including;

  • It has an anti-theft lock.
  • Zipper and hidden pockets that only you can find.
  • Locking cable if you place it on the floor.
  • Fully secured laptop compartment.
  • Slash-proof and cut-resistant material.

Standard Backpack VS. Anti-theft Backpack

Standard Backpack VS. Anti-theft Backpack

A standard backpack is less expensive than an anti-theft backpack, and the demand for an anti-theft backpack has increased significantly. There are many options from which you can select, and the price is also negotiable. It would help if you remembered that a stolen laptop is far more expensive than buying an anti-theft laptop.

The anti-theft bag is more efficient in protecting laptop from damage than a standard bag. It has a safer laptop protection compartment and more hidden pockets to keep your stuff safe. Buy a bag with padding on the bottom to prevent bumps and other hard drive damage.

Covers and Skins for Laptop’s Exteriors

Covers and Skins for Laptop's Exteriors

It would help if you guarded your laptop exterior with good-quality covers and skins. Laptops are sensitive machines; if they encounter a slight bump on the road, there can be a deep scratch on them.

So it is important to protect your laptop’s exteriors with covers. There are different types of laptop skins and covers available in the market that you need to protect your laptop and keep it away from dirt and other damage.

Adding a cover or skin as protection for laptop adds a perfect personality to your laptop. You can choose subtle or funky covers depending upon your own choice. These skins are the best option for keeping your laptop away from scratches and scuffs.

You can apply them easily and remove them as well. They change the look of your laptop and are not very expensive; everyone can easily afford them.

Keep Food Items Away from Laptop

Keep Food Items Away from Laptop

One thing that is very important for a laptop’s safety is to keep all the food items away from your laptop. Most liquid substances are more likely to spill over and damage your laptop. Don’t drink anything while using the laptop; keep other food items away.

If you have spilled anything on the laptop, you know how annoying it is to clean it and deal with the less. Food can get stuck in the button compartments of the keyboard, and it can become impossible to remove them without taking out the whole button.

When a liquid comes in contact with any electronic device, there is a high chance of a short circuit, and you need to be cautious. A spilled drink can also make your laptop useless, and it can stop working as well.

If the food leaves crumbs on laptop keys, removing these crumbs will become quite a task. These crumbs can also get into the laptop’s hard drive’s cooling device. They can encourage the bacteria to grow and damage the laptop internally.

Protection In Rainy Days

Protection In Rainy Days

Traveling outdoors or on a bicycle makes you more likely to encounter a rainy day. You need to protect your laptop from the rain, and if your laptop gets wet, there is a high chance of getting damaged. You need to take these steps to protect your laptop on a rainy day;

  1. You can buy a waterproof laptop backpack and zip it properly to prevent a single drop of rainwater from entering the backpack.
  2. If you cannot afford a waterproof backpack, a more economical option is a rain cover. A rain cover can protect your laptop during rain. You can squeeze these covers into your purse, and then you can open them and cover your laptop when the weather changes.
  3. You can also put your laptop in a plastic bag and store it inside any standard backpack. This plastic will add protection to your laptop and keep it safe from rainwater entering the bag,
  4. Using an umbrella when it rains is the best way to protect your laptop from rain.

Turn your laptop off when you travel in rainy weather, as it can damage the laptop quickly.

Do Not Twist the Cords

Do Not Twist the Cords

Prevent twisting cords and other cables to make them fit into the bag. It is unsafe to twist and bend the cables and cords of laptop wire as they can damage your laptop and its working.

Cables and laptop chargers are more delicate and likely to damage. If you twist the cables and cords, the cables can stop working. This unnecessary bending can damage internal wires and break them from points.

Moreover, the joins where these cables connect with the charging port are more likely to get damaged and stripped. These cables can become dangerous to use; this can cause cable malfunction when you need them the most.

It would help if you wrapped these wires with something such as tape. Also, prevent folding so you can easily use the charger and cords without any problem.

Prevent From Falling

Prevent From Falling

When you are using a laptop at home, you handle it roughly. Holding a laptop with loose hands makes it more likely to fall. Falling off your laptop can cause it to hit something and break the device, and also damage the laptop battery; the repair fee equals buying a new laptop. Try to use your laptop as a second screen with the help of a laptop arm, which will prevent the laptop from falling.

When a high school or a college kid handles a laptop, he treats it like a smartphone and uses it carelessly. This carelessness is responsible for the falling and damage of laptops. It would help if you made the teens understand the importance of laptops and help them keep them safe by using covers and sleeves.

Shield The Display

Shield The Display

You must add a shield to your laptop’s display to protect the screen from damage. Your laptop’s display is sensitive; a little scratch can devalue it. You must add an anti-glare sheet on your glass to protect your laptop’s screen.

Avoid touching your laptop with your hand, and ensure your screen does not come in contact with solar exposure. You can get a laptop display from online stores and many other products to protect your laptop.

Keep Your Laptop Cool

Keep Your Laptop Cool

You need to protect your laptop from bodily damage; when you are using your laptop by putting it on your lap, it provides warmth. When you are using your laptop in warm weather, it is more likely to become overheated.

This overheating is damaging to the processor and can also explode the battery. Try using a cooling stand and a monitor arm along with a laptop while using it. This laptop stand will help you to defend your laptop from any negative gadget.

Final Verdict: How to Protect Laptop from Physical Damage

Many useful tips and methods are listed in this article to help you protect your laptop from any physical damage. Laptops are not toys, and you cannot afford to buy them repeatedly.

They are supposed to stay for years. If you notice any physical damage on your laptop, it is due to your carelessness and using it roughly. I hope this article solved all your queries regarding your laptop protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Physical Damage to the Laptop Be Fixed?

If your screen panel is damaged and you cannot see anything on the screen, it won’t work. You must replace the screen from a laptop repair shop and then use it again. If there is any physical damage to your laptop, you must take it to a shop and check it; if the damage is not severe, it will be fixed.

What Is Considered as Physical Damage to Laptop?

Different types of physical damages are not in the laptop’s warranty, including cracks, liquid spills, bezels, scratches, and other accessories. If you eat or drink near your laptop or hold it roughly, the laptop is more likely to damage.

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