How To Charge Laptop with TV

You must charge your laptop to keep up with work or entertainment when traveling. But what if you don’t have your charger with you? Do you ever think of connecting your laptop to the TV and charging it? If not, check out this how to charge laptop with TV guide to keep your laptop juice running without a charger.

One of the most efficient laptop charging methods is using your TV. Just make sure your laptop has enough power to receive the charge. You can also use an external battery or a separate power supply for charging. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to charge your laptop using a TV or any other wireless technology.

Charging the Laptop Using HDMI with TV

Charging the Laptop Using HDMI with TV

Follow the steps to charge your laptop and use it in need.

Step 1: Check the HDMI Jack

Before starting the process, ensure you have an HDMI jack to connect the laptop and TV. You can also use an HDMI jack to connect your laptop to LCD or LED. Make sure the HDMI is correct or suitable for your laptop and television.

Step 2: Choose the Best HDMI

When choosing the HDMI cable, it will be good to consider the model of your laptop and television. Spending money on a decent cable model for the connection is good to do the deed. Remember that to choose the high-quality and best HDMI cable, you must spend a hefty amount to buy it.

Purchasing a good HDMI cable will allow you to use it longer; you can also use it to connect with LED or LCD. So, spending a few bucks on the connection cable is worth getting a good connection and laptop charging.

Step 3: Connect HDMI To the Laptop

After getting the most suitable HDMI cable, plug one end into the laptop’s HDMI jack and connect it correctly. Because the poor connection will harm your laptop, the wonky connection will stop the power flow, and the laptop will not be charged.

Step 4: Connect HDMI To TV

Now, connect the other end to the TV after connecting the HDMI cable to the laptop. After making the connection correctly, place the laptop on a table or near the TV because the HDMI cables are usually too short.

Placing the laptop at a steady place near the tv will prevent cable straining and accidental disconnection. These faults can harm the device and cause electrical hazards if you do not pay attention.

Step 5: Boot Up the Devices

After connecting both devices and making your laptop charge smoothly, the next target is to boot up your laptop and TV. Booting up the devices to ensure better charging and power flow through the HDMI cable will be good.

Step 6: Check the Charging

After ensuring the power flows through the HDMI cable and the TV is on, check if the laptop is charging. You can check the charging of the laptop by seeing the charging light on or looking at the charging symbol on its desktop screen. It will tell if the power is flowing through the battery cells.

When you see a laptop’s full charging or battery life, disconnect the HDMI cable. It does not matter where you are; you can charge your laptop while driving anywhere with a good HDMI cable.

Charging Laptop by Using Type-C HDMI Cable

Charging Laptop by Using Type-C HDMI Cable

If your laptop does not have HDMI ports, you will need a Type-C HDMI cable to connect the laptop to any other device, like a TV, for charging. You can also charge your laptop with Type C or Type B adapters.

After grabbing the Type-C or Type-B HDMI cable, connect one side of that cable to the laptop and the other side to the TV. After making a connection, check if the connection is correct or not.

You can see the charging light of the laptop; if it is on, it means it is charging. The battery cell box on the below bar of the laptop screen also indicates the charging.

Other Ways of Charging The Laptop Without a Charger

If you are worried and thinking about how you can charge your laptop without its charger, don’t worry. There are other methods, but you must ensure the correct watts for the charging.

If you have a power bank or battery-operated charger in your car or bag, then charging the laptop is not worrying. If your laptop has a Type C cable, connect it to the power bank and your laptop and ensure that it is charging. Give some time to the laptop to get charged, and regularly check if the laptop has been charged.

Another way to charge your laptop is by using a battery or battery power charger. A battery charger will allow you to charge your laptop and your mobile and tablet by connecting with it.

Ensure to purchase a suitable and high-quality battery charger for the laptop. It is not difficult to find online. There are a lot of websites online where you can find suitable battery chargers for your laptop.

Charging Laptop with Mobile Charger

If you do not have an HDMI cable for connecting the laptop to a TV, there are many other ways to charge your laptop. To charge your laptop using the mobile phone, you will need two devices, a mobile phone, and a laptop. Turn the laptop on and wait until you see the desktop screen.

Your phone must have a Type-C port for charging the laptop by using the mobile phone because laptops charge using the Type-C cable. Connect the Type-C adapter to connect the mobile phone and laptop. Remember that mobile phones cannot provide much power to laptops, but you can use this method in an emergency. Keep the power adapter away from your lap to prevent harm.

Final Verdict: How to Charge Laptop with TV

In conclusion, charging your laptop with a TV or other wireless technologies can be a convenient and efficient solution when you’re on the go or don’t have access to your charger.

Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily charge your laptop and continue using it for work or entertainment without interruption. Whether traveling or needing a backup charging solution, wireless charging technology provides a reliable alternative to traditional chargers.

So, don’t let a dead battery hold you back – try wireless charging and stay connected wherever you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use an HDMI Cable To Charge My Laptop?

Yes, you can use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop to any other device, like a television, LED, or CD, for charging. If you lose your laptop charger or the charger fails to charge it because it is too old, then using the HDMI cable to charge your laptop is the suitable way. Using an HDMI cable frequently is not recommended as it can damage the laptop. Use this method only when there is no other option.

How Can I Charge My Laptop Without a Charger?

A power bank is one of the best ways to charge the laptop when you do not have its charger. A power bank is a portable battery to charge a laptop or mobile phone. All you have to do is connect your power bank and laptop using a Type-C cable.

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