Is Asus a Good Laptop Brand: Everything You Need to Know

Are you buying a new laptop and seeing Asus’ recommendations everywhere? It’s common to have doubts when purchasing a laptop brand you have never used. So you may think, is Asus a good laptop brand, or should you stay with your old and tested brand?

The short answer to this question is Yes. Asus is a well-known brand for its trendy, economical, and reliable models. This brand has won several awards for its performance, design, and fantastic innovation.

Asus brand has a slogan that says “Republic of Gamers.” Not only this, but it has huge customer appreciation for its best performance. If you are considering buying an Asus laptop and want to know if it is a good laptop brand, you are reading the right article.

This article contains a complete review of the Asus laptop brand and everything you need to know. Stay tuned if you want comprehensive information about the Asus brand.

Is Asus a Good Brand?

Is Asus a Good Brand?

A direct answer to this question is that Asus is an exceptional brand. The reason backing this is its reliability, long-lasting material, and exquisite designs, making it everyone’s favorite in no time.

These laptops are all high-quality and come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Asus laptops are great to use. You can complete them with any other laptop brand to check their reliability and features.

Market clustering has increased competition to a higher level where no one is ready to talk than Apple and Samsung, which are good in their world. But these brands have astronomically high prices with the same or lower performance capability as economical brands such as Asus and many more.

After running successfully for more than 3 whole decades, Asus has made a name in the market as one of the most reliable brands. Asus has a range of products to offer to the market, varying in size, experience, and practices.

Asus makes a range of gaming devices. They are perfect for gaming, and you get a perfect gaming experience. The brand has a different fanbase for its business laptops and gaming series. They are fantastic to use at the workplace, robust, and contain many features that help a business.

Is Asus a Chinese Brand?

Is Asus a Chinese Brand?

Most people consider Asus a Chinese brand, but it’s not true. It is a Taiwan-based company where all its products are produced and assembled. One of the most important features of Asus laptops is that they manufacture their bodies and other components in-house. This way, they do not source them from any other country.

Due to this, Asus gets ready at a significantly cheaper rate than the other laptops with similar performance. The company is technology-focused, has a 10,000 employee volume worldwide, and is one of the top teams working efficiently in research and development.

The product range is magnificent. Its creative and innovative solutions make the whole company successful. This unique environment motivates the employees to work hard across all industries and life stages. Asus is constantly working, setting trends, and giving unique, innovative products for this reason.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Asus Laptop Brand

Strengths and Weaknesses

To help you with a detailed review, here is a detail about the strengths and weaknesses of Asus;

Strengths of Asus

Some of the strengths of Asus that will tell you all about its strong points include;

The Brand Recognition

Asus is a Taiwan-based brand whose name is powerful enough to attract many customers. The products and performance of Asus have allowed him to gain several local and international honors.

Asus was voted one of the trusted companies worldwide and had excellent power in the commercial market. This brand has marked its name among the most trustworthy and reliable brands in the laptop world.


Asus Design

Asus contains a variety of designs, and you can call it a fashion house. Various designs are available in the market; you can look at any famous series of Asus, such as the ZenBook series containing all the classic designs.

Let’s take the example of one of the ZenBook series laptops with concentric circles with an aluminum lid. The build quality is equally perfect and complements the design. Along with ZenBook, another noticeable Asus series includes VivoBook. Its firmament green chassis, covered with metal and plastic, distinguishes it from many other laptop designs.

Let’s discuss a unique gaming laptop with solid designs, such as Asus Zephyrus. It has a double-toned metallic cover with a concealed vent that appears only when you open the system. The TUF gaming series of Asus has undeniably pretty designs.

According to a survey taken by Asus, the customers gave 98% positive responses to its designs, which was an excellent win for the brand. Asus has outdone itself by launching a ScreenPad that is a touchpad but also works as a secondary display.


ZenBook Pro

Innovation is Asus’s top priority, and this brand has never failed to deliver the best innovative designs. Asus shows fierceness when discussing innovation, which is why Asus introduces many unique, innovative designs.

If we talk about innovation, let’s not forget about ScreenPad Asus launched in the ZenBook Pro 15. It is one of the best innovations for Asus, and the brand has outdone itself.

Let’s have a deeper look at the features of this fantastic innovation. Asus ScreenPad is a touchpad with LCD, and it also has a music player controller, shortcut toolbar, and dual display. All these features are present in one device. This feature of ScreenPad is going to be available on all upcoming laptops of Asus.

This brand is also working on a new project that provides AI to laptops and takes care of all your needs. This laptop launched last here, and there are multiple positive responses about this edition. Asus is also a part of R&D and works its best for innovation.

Wide Range of Products

Asus comes with a wide range of products, and due to this reason, Asus has always had a considerable advantage over the other competitors. A wide range of series launched by Asus, all with separate categories of products.

All these series have unique identities and unique features that the others lack. Many products have been best-sellers for years and are in high demand by Asus users.

Asus is famous for always meeting its users’ expectations and never disappointing them. Different Asus devices, including outside computers and other mobile devices, are the additional products and other devices, such as projector screens and Wi-Fi devices, with an extended warranty.

This range of products includes several workstations and servers; consumer electronics such as laptop brands and desktops are also a part.

Support and Warranty

Asus provides fantastic tech support, which works 24 hours to provide guidance and assurance if you need anything. Several FAQs and chat functionality are available for you to get help.

Asus also has a call center working throughout the day where you can call and explain your problem. They will provide you with the solution shortly. Asus support has a call center available on the web, live chat, phone, and social media to assist you in solving the problem.

Most of Asus’s devices have a one-year warranty. In contrast, some laptops might have more warranties due to their reliability and features. The warranty of Asus covers many features, such as accidental damage and free two-way shipping. You can also upgrade the laptop’s RAM; the warranty will persist.

Do not damage anything while upgrading the RAM; due to this damage, the warranty can breach. You must bear the repair cost if you damage anything while upgrading the RAM.

You can also get premium care, an extended warranty offered by Asus. You can purchase your laptop for 90 days through this offer. After this, you can return it if it works less than Apple or any other laptop.

Several other products of Asus come with a 4-year warranty as well; you can easily use these devices without the fear of covering the cost of return.

Eco-Friendly Activities

Asus is one of the most eco-friendly devices available in the market; this practice is unique for companies producing electronics and other gadgets. Asus launched its green Asus project in 2000; according to this project, they promoted recyclable and biodegradable paper and other products to improve the environment.


Asus is working day and night, and there are employees behind the word {of Asus working hard to deliver the best quality products. When a strong workforce gives their 100% for a better name and value of the organization, your company is bound to succeed.

Employee engagement, education, and growth are increasing due to employers’ and users’ motivation and appreciation. When there is motivation and appreciation, the employees are willing to do better and more work for the organization in the coming time.

Value and Selection

A selection category is available for you, from the high-priced laptops to the lower-priced ones and then the high performers to the low performers. There is an excellent choice from where you need to choose and select your desired product.

Some of the products, including the Chromebook and VivoBook series, includes all the latest and unique features that make you lean toward them. If you are looking for something with more battery life, you can go with ExpertBook.

It has a surprisingly long battery life of 16 hours. After this came Asus Zephyrs with a long-lasting battery of 11 hours. There are so many unique and valuable laptops of Asus available in the market for you to select from.

Development and Research

Along with innovation, development, and research, Asus is aggressive about other things. Asus also has a research and development department whose primary function is to keep looking for something creative and innovative to add to Asus’s new upcoming design.

This department works day and night to improve the product and ensure the customers a better version of the previous one. Asus make several premium products, which are higher in quality and more affordable for customers.

Strategic Advantage

Asus is better than its competitors because they have a strategic advantage, making them superior to other laptop brands. Asus always has a strategy to amaze users with new characteristics.

Along with this, their marketing strategy is vital to reach a huge crowd within minutes. They have long-lasting strategic planning that helps the company grow in size.

Weaknesses of Asus

Along with strengths, there are some weaknesses as well. No gadget is perfect, and some limitations come with every brand. Here is a list of weaknesses associated with Asus;

Absence of Scale

There is a lack of distribution network and scales in Asus. It has the best productive capabilities, but the lack of a distribution network is a limitation. There is massive competition with Asus, such as; Lenovo, IBM, and Apple, and all have good distribution network falls.

Let’s look at the revenues of Asus. It makes around $16 million, almost equal to 15%of IMB, 30% of Lenovo, and around 12% of Apple if they make a combined sale.


One of the other limitations of Asus is the legal dispute; several legal defeats harm the brand equity. Asus experienced this in 2016; there is still a danger of Asus software and hardware getting leaked by other companies. Different rivals publicize this information on advertisements through television and other social media.

Terrible Publicity

When you compare Asus with other brands, such as Lenovo and Apple, Asus has terrible publicity. The marketing strategies need a sudden boost. Due to the lack of marketing strategies, no one knows if you have launched something new due to the lack of the marketing advertisement campaign.

Apple has done some excellent marketing, and due to this reason, everyone knows about it. Asus has unique and spectacular features, but most of the population has never heard of it or if they do not know about its latest gadgets. Asus brand to work on its publicity more seriously.

Asus VS Other Brands

Let’s have a look at the comparison of Asus with some other famous brands;

Asus VS Lenovo

Asus vs Lenovo

Lenovo is one of the major competitors of Asus; Lenovo has a practical and more reliable device in different ranges. There is a striking similarity between the two; the Lenovo IdeaPad and Asus VivoBook series are inexpensive and have good specifications.

Lenovo laptops are sometimes more high quality and have better designs. The laptops run identically, but Lenovo has less advantage than Asus in build quality and design. In the end, we can say that Asus is better.

Asus VS HP

asus vs hp

HP is present in every household; if you ask someone about their favorite economical laptops, HP is the name everyone takes. HP has more marketing than Asus; comparing the Asus Zephyrus series and Omen series of HP, both are high in battle and best in the gaming world.

Asus provides extraordinary performance, and the price is slightly higher than HP. On the other hand, HP is lower in price with a little lesser quality than Asus.

Final Verdict: Is Asus a Good Laptop Brand

This article has given a detailed answer: Is Asus a good laptop brand? Asus is a good brand with many unique characters you will like and admire. This article gives you information to make your opinion about the Asus brand.

 Asus has marked its name among the top laptop brands across the globe and has many undeniably impressive characters to keep its customers hooked to buying every upcoming gadget. Its outstanding features include affordability, warranty, design, innovation, and battery timing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asus Good Quality Brand?

Asus is a good brand with many spectacular designs. Asus is well-known for its best performance at significantly lower rates. There is a wide variety of laptops from which you can choose one. Asus has never disappointed its users, and its fantastic design and the quality of its products are remarkable.

What Are the Problems with Asus Laptops?

In general, Asus laptops are not terrible, with few complaints. However, some complaints are associated with hardware, such as audio, power, video, USB, and keyboard problems. All these problems are common and can occur to any laptop, they need fixation from a technician, and then your laptop is good as new.

Who Makes Asus Laptops?

Asus, also known as ASUSTeK Computer Inc., is a Taiwan-based multinational company that manufactures computer hardware and other gadgets. Asus is among the top trending computer manufacturing companies. It deals with the manufacturing of different kinds of computers and other accessories.

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