How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Laptop Battery

A faulty battery in a laptop cause inconvenience, so it is essential to replace the battery. But how much does it cost to replace a laptop battery?

The performance of the laptop may effect due to the old battery, so it is good to replace it on time without affecting the other components of the laptop. But then, affordability is a problem as different brands have different battery ranges.

In this guide, we will discuss different factors that can affect the battery cost and also give you information on the cost of different brands, so stay tuned!

What Is The Average Life Of A Laptop Battery?

The battery life depends on the type of battery and how you use it. However, an average laptop battery lasts about two to five years, giving approximately 1,000 total charges. Most manufacturers claim a specific lifespan, but it is not accurate.

Reasons To Replace The Laptop Battery

The battery is one of the essential parts of any laptop because it is your laptop’s power source. When the vital part of the laptop creates problems, you may lose data and burn out your laptop if you don’t fix it. So when you notice the following significant problems change the battery as soon as possible.


One of the leading reasons to replace a battery is because of its overheating. The cooling fans work slower, and as a result, the laptop struggles to perform functions. Overheating can also cause auto combustion of the laptop.

Battery Drainage

If the laptop’s battery drains out fast when you plug it out, it’s time to replace it. Moreover, the laptop will shut down after unplugging without showing any notice or warning. Although there are other reasons for this issue, a faulty battery is also a reason behind this crash.

Laptop Not Charging

The other sign of battery disorder is that it will not charge even if you plug it in, and it will happen without any reason. The laptop fails to charge even if all the connections are in their place. It will happen due to the faulty battery. So it is good to replace the old battery with a new one.

Factors Influence the Cost of a Laptop Battery Replacement

The following factors can influence the cost of battery replacement:


The most important thing that can influence the cost more for battery replacement is the brand of the laptop you have. If you have a famous brand like Apple, you should pay less or the same for battery compared to a Lenovo laptop. However, it may be a marketing ploy so that the users believe one is superior to the other, or the brand may use different technology for their special batteries.

The Technology of the Battery

All the brands don’t use the same technology; some batteries have lithium Ion, some have Nickel Cadmium, and most have Nickle Metal Hydride. Due to these compositions, the batteries contain different benefits and drawbacks. Because of these components, some batteries hold a charge for more extended, charge faster, and discharge before breaking down. All of these reasons result in different pricing.

Number of Cells

The number of cells on the battery also affects the cost of the battery. You may not see the number of cells on different batteries, but its capacity will show. Whatever the case, the range of the battery will increase with the capacity or number of cells.

Where do You Buy the Battery

Where you buy the battery can also affect the cost significantly. If you buy the new battery from manufacturers, it will cost you less, and this is the safest way as it will keep you cautious of the seller’s location. If you buy it from a local store, they will get their profit, which may become costly.

Refurbished, Used, or New

Another factor that can influence the replacement cost is the battery’s condition. You can get a used or refurbished battery at cheap rates while, on the other hand, the new battery costs more. But remember that the used battery will not last long like a new one.

What Are The Benefits Of Replacing A Laptop Battery?

The first and most important benefit of replacing the battery is the improvement in the performance of your laptop. Your new battery will drain slowly and give you at least 2 to 4 hours of backup. Moreover, if you face a heating problem with the battery, it will resolve after using the new battery.

If your laptop shuts down automatically when you plug it off, this issue will resolve after replacing the battery.

However, check the warranty status before replacing the battery. If the warranty is applicable, then you will get it free. The issues with the battery are standard, but you will notice changes after replacing it. But don’t expect the same experience as the original battery.

How To Get Done Replacement Of Laptop Battery At Home

If your laptop has an external battery, it is easy to replace it at home. After buying a suitable battery for your laptop, follow the below steps for replacement:

  • The first thing to do is to make a report in the operating system that you can use about the issue.
  • After this, remove all the connections linking your laptop to a power source.
  • With a screwdriver, remove the screws and put off the back panel.
  • Then take out the dead battery.
  • Connect the new battery to the power source.
  • After installing the battery, fix the back cover properly.
  • Now test the new battery.

That’s all!

Safety Tips for Laptop Battery

The following rules will help you keep your laptop battery safe and increase its lifespan, so follow these tips if your laptop’s battery lasts long.

  • Ensure that you turn off the program after using any software because running lots of programs will need more power and affect the battery.
  • Other factors like the screen’s brightness, watching continuous videos, and active Wi-Fi may also affect the average life of the battery. So sensibly use all of these things.
  • If you use your laptop as a PC desktop, the battery cycles will waste more rapidly as you may plug it in all the time. You can extend the battery’s life by popping it out because the laptop doesn’t need a battery when you plug it into an outlet. So remove the battery and aging and fix it when you stop using it or want to go out.

Average Cost on Replacement of Laptop Battery

Battery Replacement cost

How much it cost to replace a laptop battery depends on various things. But the main things are the cost of the battery and the ease of removal of the battery. It is easy to replace the external battery of a laptop, and even you can do it yourself.

While on the other hand, if your laptop has an internal battery, there is a twist in things, and you may require the help of a professional.

Due to these reasons, the average cost of battery replacements varies. Here is a list of well-known laptop brands and their average cost for battery replacement services.

Brand name  The Average Cost Of Battery Replacement 
HP $30 – $140
Dell $35 – $120
Lenovo $30 – $200
Acer $20 – $100
Toshiba $20 – $100
Razer $100 – $200
MSI $50 – $100
Asus $30 – $100
MacBook $130 – $200

Final Verdict

Replacement of battery is one thing you should expect to do any time you use a laptop. It depends on the type of battery or laptop you use and how much you spend on the replacement of the battery.

However, if you don’t want to do it soon, it is essential to take care of the battery, not overcharge it, and plug it in before discharging. Proper care can increase the lifespan of your battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to get a new laptop battery?

Even a high-end laptop battery, after great care, will fail and may happen due to the end of the life cycle of the battery and a sign that it is time to change it. It is not possible for the death of a battery occurs suddenly. So it is crucial to get a new battery if you want to use the laptop further.

Can I use my laptop without any battery?

Yes, it is possible to work with even a dead battery. You should attach it with a power source for work, but it will stop when you plug it out or cut off the power supply. The laptop will turn off without backup power and shut down readily without stopping the process.

Is it wrong to always have your laptop plugged in?

It doesn’t make sense to plug in your laptop battery all the time because this habit is associated with a faulty laptop battery. Give your laptop’s battery proper care if you want to make its life longer. Make sure to save your battery from overheating and be careful about it. Plug the charger when you stop using as it will increase the battery’s life.

How many hours can we use a laptop continuously?

It is up to you how much time you use your laptop. You may have to sacrifice the battery’s health if you regularly use it for 24 hours because excessive use may change the shape and performance of the laptop’s battery. However, it isn’t elementary as you think.

Is replacing the battery on the laptop worth it?

Yes, it is worth replacing the battery if the life of your computer is only 2 years old. If you don’t replace the battery, it may cost more in the form of replacing the laptop. If your laptop has an external battery, it is straightforward to replace. So instead of replacing the laptop, it is adequate to change the battery on time.

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