How To Charge Laptop in Car?

With much use of tablets or phones, you might not rely much on a laptop, but sometimes there are times when you need a laptop in an emergency, and it is out of battery; what can you do then? How To Charge Laptop in Car? It is possible to quickly charge your laptop if you have to write any assignment or work in a few minutes while driving.

The car charge laptopis easy to charge; you only need good power cords and a connection system. Ensure that the cords you use for charging are of excellent quality to avoid hazards and damage. If you are wondering how you can charge your laptop in your car, then let’s get into the process:

Methods Of Charging Laptop in A Car

A few simple methods of laptop charging from car allow charging without trouble. Let’s get into the detail of each method:

Method 1: Charging Laptop with Inverter

Charging Laptop with Inverter

Generally, we all use the alternating current (AC) method to charge our laptops. Still, a direct current is available for charging laptop in car. You must remember that you cannot connect the AC-current device directly to the direct current for charging.

The laptop’s standard charger and car inverter is the best option to power up your laptop. You only have to connect the AC charger to the car inverter and let the laptop charge by inserting the car inverter into the laptop. Let’s dig into the detailed process:

  • It is good if you have a car inverter charger, but buy one from the market if you do not have any in your car. This charger will change the AC into DC.
  • You will see the mobile charging slot in your car and connect the cable of the car inverter charger to it.
  • Now, insert the laptop charger’s cable into the car inverter charger.
  • Connect the other side of the laptop charger to the laptop slot.
  • The charging process will start, but ensure you connect all the cables correctly. If a laptop is not charging, try again; maybe you have connected the cable to the wrong slot.

Method 2: Charging Laptop with A Power Bank

Charging Laptop with A Power Bank

As you use the power bank for your mobile phone as a backup charger, you can also use it for charging laptop from car. But remember that you will need a power bank of higher capacity than what you use for your mobile phone. Laptop power bank capacity is measured in mAh (milliampere-hour) and Watts.

Some people wonder about “how many watts to charge laptop in car”; laptops usually require 40 watts of power to charge, so you must buy a power bank according to your laptop’s requirements. It is perfect if you have a laptop power bank in your car for these emergencies. Follow the procedure to charge your laptop in a car by using a power bank:

  • The power bank you will use for laptop charging must have 40W power.
  • Make sure to charge your power bank fully before going somewhere.
  • Connect the USB cable to the laptop charging slot.
  • Insert the other end of the USB cable into the power bank port to charge the laptop.
  • If you follow the procedure carefully, the laptop will start charging; if you do not see any charging, you must have made a wrong connection with the power bank and laptop. Redo the process again.

Method 3: Charging Laptop with A USB Charger

Charging Laptop with A USB Charger

A USB charger is another simplest way to charge your laptop while going somewhere. Type-C laptop charger will be suitable and perfect for your laptop to supply the car voltage to the laptop battery.

You can only follow this method if your laptop has Type-C charging slot. The below steps are the simplest to charge your laptop; let’s dig into the steps:

  • If your laptop has a Type-C charging slot, grab a Type-C charger whenever you go somewhere.
  • Grab the Type-C charger and insert its one end into the charging slot of your vehicle.
  • Now, use a Type-C USB cable wire to connect both laptop and the charger.
  • That’s it; the charging will start on a laptop. If not, then redo the whole process again and ensure the charger is charging the laptop.

Method 4: Charging Laptop with A Car Laptop Charger

You can also use a car laptop charger to charge your laptop. It recommends always grabbing your car laptop charger whenever you are traveling. This charger is similar to the laptop charger except for the charger jack.

The charger jack allows you to connect the cigarette lighter socket power outlet available in the car.

Car laptop chargers are not difficult to find; you can easily find them online and offline in electronic stores. If you have a car laptop charger in hand, then follow the steps given below:

  • The car laptop charger you buy must suit your laptop’s charging slot. Otherwise, your laptop will be damaged.
  • Grab a car laptop charger and connect its one end to the charging slot to start charging the laptop.
  • Connect the other end of the charger to the laptop charging slot.
  • After connecting them, check if the laptop is charging. Leave the laptop as long as you want to get fully charged. When the battery gets full, disconnect the charger from the laptop and car charging slot.

Method 5: Charging Laptop with An Adapter

Like an inverter charger, an adapter converts the alternating current into a direct current. But the difference is that you need a USB cable for the inverter charger, but there is no need for a cable for charging the laptop with an adapter.

Follow the steps given below to charge your laptop by using the charge laptop car adaptor:

  • If you have an adapter in your car, then fine, but grab a high-quality one if there is none in your car.
  • You only need to connect the adapter to the power slot of the car.
  • Now, insert the laptop charger’s end into the adaptor and another into the laptop’s charging slot.
  • It is one of the easiest ways to charge your laptop easily in a car; if you see a no charging sign on a laptop, repeat the process and see if the adaptor is charging it now.

Is It Safe to Charge a Laptop in Your Car?

Yes, charging your laptop in the car is possible, and there is no harm or damage your laptop will get. Make sure to connect the cables correctly and properly. The quality of the equipment that you will use for charging the laptop must be made of high-quality compatibility to avoid any hazard or harm.

If you are in between of talk to someone and the laptop battery gets low, you can also charge it instantly by using your car’s power system. The only thing that you must notice is to use the correct and suitable charger and cable according to the laptop’s requirements.

After grabbing the suitable cable and charger for the laptop, connect them carefully to the vehicle and laptop’s charging slots. While charging the laptop with any charger, ensure the cable or charger is not near the hot engine. USB Type-C charger is perfect for charging the laptop in the car. But if you have any safety issues regarding your laptop, then don’t charge your laptop in the car.

Don’t worry; charging the laptop in the car is safe using the right and high-quality charging equipment and USB cable. But if you do not check the device power slot correctly, connecting the wrong charger can damage the system. It will also affect the inverter charger, making your laptop’s power ports useless.

You must be extra careful while buying the charging and other equipment for your laptop. The correct equipment will make the charging time of your laptop free of hazards, and you will get a full laptop battery within 1-2 hours. If you take your laptop everywhere because of your workload, you must consider taking these accessories in the car to make your traveling time free of worries.

Does Your Car Battery Be Depleted When You Charge the Laptop?

Yes, when your car is stationed, the car battery can get depleted in that case. Significantly, the car battery drain is considerable, but it will still deplete the car’s battery power level. Make sure to charge your laptop when the car is not stationed, which means when you are driving, and the car is moving, charging the laptop at that time is fine.

If you mostly charge your laptop in the car when it is not in motion or leave it to be charged in the car overnight, it will significantly impact the battery power level of the car.

The main power source of your car is the battery when the car is not moving and is stationed. If you are not driving the car but still using the battery of headlights or power cords, it will deplete the car battery.

Use a cycled battery if you want to charge your laptop in the car. Cycle-battery is a different battery from normal car batteries. If you use this battery for laptop charging, it will recharge quickly on its own.

So, charging the laptop in the car is safe using good-quality equipment. Some wonder, “Can I charge my laptop from a cigarette lighter?The answer is yes; you can follow the above steps, and you will get to know how you can do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Charge My Laptop Using USB?

Yes, if your laptop charging slot is Type-C, you can use a USB-C cable to charge your laptop in the car while driving. The cable you will use must have a plug adapter. Some laptops use a USB-C cable as a primary charger to get charged.

Can We Charge the Laptop in A 12V Car?

It is not challenging to do if you think, “How do I charge my laptop with a 12V battery?”. Yes, you can charge your laptop in a 12V car, but you must have a power inverter. The laptop you are using must be running on 110-240V AC, the power inverter you use will convert that 12V DC into 120V AC.

Final Verdict: How to Charge a Laptop in a Car

If you are wondering how to charge your laptop while going somewhere, don’t worry; it is not difficult. The steps I have summarized in the article will help you to easily charge your laptop in the car if you follow them carefully. I hope reading this article must have given you all answers to various methods. Stay connected with us for more information in the future.

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