How To Scroll on Laptop: 5 Methods to Nagivate on Any Laptop

Do you want to know how to scroll on laptop like a pro to make your web browsing and content reading more facilitating? Don’t worry. Here we got you covered with some simple methods.

Touchpads on your laptops are among the most important as they help you navigate the windows and select any program. Users feel complete control of the interface as they can control anything on their laptop screen with the cursor at their fingertips. With your two fingers, you can scroll the window through your touchpads. Moreover, you can scroll with one finger if your laptop support this functionality.

However, it is important to know that touchpads support different scrolling methods. In this guide, we will cover these methods that may help you to learn how to scroll on laptop. But for this, you should know about the type of your Touchpad. So let’s start!

Identify Your Touchpad Type

Before using any method, knowing the type of your laptop’s Touchpad is important. Identify the type of your Touchpad and then use any method to scroll the window.

Different touchpads have different capabilities and unique ways to support the scrolling requirements. Here are the types of touchpads that the laptops contain.

Traditional Touchpad

You can see these touchpads in your traditional or early-generation laptops. It is not easy to use them as they have a specific area to move your finger and contain two buttons, one for the left click and the other for the right click.

These are traditional touchpads and don’t has a facility like modern ones. You cannot scroll the window with them; the only option is to use the scroll bar on the window to move it up or down.

Buttonless Touchpad

These touchpads are common nowadays; you can see them on modern laptops. These touchpads don’t have any proper buttons, but they support pressing, clicking, and scrolling by touching the pad on the right or left sides.

You can scroll down and up with two fingers on the buttonless touchpads.

Methods to Scroll On a Laptop

Here are some methods that will help you to scroll down in a window to read any content or for web browsing.

Method 1: Double-Finger Scrolling

Double-Finger Scrolling

Use your two fingers to scroll up and down on any window or page with a visible scrollbar at the right side or containing content below to discover.

Place your finger on the Touchpad and use the other finger to move the Scroll up and down.

Note that you can zoom in and out of the screen with two fingers if your Touchpad is precision buttonless.

Method 2: Single-Finger Scrolling

Single-Finger Scrolling

Some laptops have a touchpad that supports single-finger scrolling. It is an excellent feature as sometimes it becomes difficult to scroll with two fingers, especially for new users.

If you don’t know your laptop has this function, you can follow the below methods to learn about this feature.

Method 1: Use Thin Line

Some touchpads come with a thin line that draws on the right side of the Touchpad. It is just a thin line or maybe a vertical pattern. You can easily scroll down or up with one finger when you slide your finger on it.

Method 2: Right Side Scrolling

Some laptops don’t have this marking on the Touchpad but support single-finger scrolling. To see it on your laptop, scroll the right side of your Touchpad with one finger.

Method 3: Click & Drag the Scrollbar

When you open any window on your laptop, you will see a scrollbar on the right side of your laptop screen. You can use it to navigate through the window. There is only need to do the following:

  • Place your one finger on the Touchpad
  • Move your cursor to the scrollbar on the right side of the screen.
  • Now press the left button on your mouse pad and activate the scrollbar.
  • Hold it with your other hand on the Touchpad and move it smoothly downward and upward. The faster you drag more you can scroll.

While holding it, use your other hand on the Touchpad and drag it downwards or upwards to enjoy smooth scrolling. The faster you drag, the more it scrolls.

Method 4: Use Pg Up and Pg Dn Keys

You can use dedicated keys such as Pg Up and Pg Dn to scroll up and down anywhere. These keys will work on web browsers and text editors.

If you want to move or navigate in your document, then you may need to press

  • PgUP key for moving upward in the document
  • PgDn key to move down in the document

However, with a long press, you can scroll faster in your document. But the press and release method is good if you want to read something online or anywhere else.

Unfortunately, in many laptops, these keys may not be accessible. Due to this, you may need to use an external keyboard. Moreover, you can also use the on-screen keyboard to use them.

Method 5: Use Space Bar in Browsers

You can scroll without a mouse. It is a beneficial method, especially for those whose mouse is not working. You can use Space Bar on your keyboard, but it is important to know that this method only applies to web browsers.

However, while using these keys, you may need to remember these two things:

  • When you press the Space key, you can scroll down the documents.
  • You may need to press Shift and Space keys simultaneously to move your document upward.

Final Verdict: How to Scroll on a Laptop

There are different methods to scroll on a laptop, and users adopt them according to their preferences. But no one can deny the importance and ease of scrolling down while reading or searching the web. I hope these methods prove helpful for you and you learn how to scroll on a laptop. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Scroll not working?

There are two causes why your laptop’s Scroll may not work. The first is a mechanical issue, possibly due to the dust that can clog the mouse wheel. The second is the poor battery life. The most wireless mouse has poor battery life, so the Scroll may not work properly.  

How do I turn on Scroll on my laptop?

The keyboard contains turn-on and scroll lock keys. If your keyboard lacks this feature, you may need to turn on the on-screen keyboard. To open the Start menu, go to Settings, click Ease of Access, and the on-screen keyboard will appear on your laptop. Click the Scrn Lock button from there and turn on Scroll on your laptop.

How do I scroll down on my laptop with one finger?

Most laptops support a one-finger scroll. You can turn it on if your laptop doesn’t have this feature. Open the Start menu, go to Settings, click Devices search for Touchpad. Select Additional Settings, tap the Settings button, and click Synaptics Touchpad if it is available in your start menu. Check the box under this scrolling section.

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