How to measure laptop size easily?

It’s only been a few years, but it feels as though laptops have gone from being an accessory to an essential. Whether you’re seated on a train and want to use your laptop on your tray table or wish to watch YouTube and use the touchscreen functionality of your device, the Size of your laptop is key.

This blog post will help you determine the laptop size that best suits your needs and offers a variety of examples to illustrate different laptop sizes.

What Size of Laptop?

There is no perfect answer, but here are some of the most common laptop sizes: 13, 15, 17, and more like these sizes. This article will assist in determining which Size is right for you and recommends examples for your easy satisfaction with the perfect laptop device.

What Size Laptop Do I Need?

I’m on a Budget: If you need a reliable new Laptop device, then the new ASUS TUF Dash is the right choice because it offers many features on a budget.

I Want Something More Powerful: For those looking for more power and performance while getting an incredibly long battery life ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo with the latest premium features is your new best friend.

I Like to Travel: Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the ideal Size for travel. With a comfortable travel bag, you can take your new laptop on the go without having to sacrifice power or battery life.

Popular Laptop Dimensions

Though we recommend large screens for general useability and comfort, we understand that most people need a portable computer with 15 inches or less screen size. We’ve created this breakdown of the measurements of various laptop screen sizes to narrow your choices.

11 inch: 14 x 9 x 1 inch

14 inch: 16.5 x 10.1 x 2.2 inches

15 inch: 15.8 x 10.4 x 1 inch

16 inch: 17.3 x 11.3 x 1.5 inches

17 inch: 18.4 x 12.1 x 1.2 inches

18 inch: 19.6 x 12.6 x 1.2 inches

19 inch: 21 x 13.8 x 1.2 inches

How to Measure Your Laptop Size

Here are some quick ways to measure your laptop. Note: all measurements are in inches.

Step1: Place your laptop on a flat surface. If you have an external keyboard attached, place the keyboard on the surface and measure the distance from the laptop’s front edge to the back edge of the keyboard.

Step2:Remove the laptop from the flat surface. Slide your hand from the laptop’s front edge towards the back edge. This will allow you to determine the height of the laptop.

Step3: If your laptop has a display, slide your hand from the left edge of the display to the right edge. Measure the width of the laptop screen.

Step4: slide your hand from the left edge of the keyboard to the keyboard’s right edge. This will allow you to determine the width of the laptop.
If you are still unsure, measure the width and length of the laptop. This will provide you with the approximate dimensions of the laptop.

Additional Information

Here are some additional laptop dimensions that may help you in your laptop size decision:

Display Size: 17″ to 19″

Keyboard Size: 13″ to 15″

Width: 17″ to 21″

Length: 13″ to 17″

How to Choose the Right Laptop Size

Once you know the size of your laptop, it’s time to choose which one is right for you. Below are some factors to consider when choosing the Right Size for your laptop.

Your Price Point: How much money are you willing to spend? If you need a very reliable laptop and don’t mind spending more money, MSI GL63 8RC is excellent.

How Much Space Do You Need? How much space do you need to work and type? If you are looking for a small laptop, consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with TouchBar. It is one of the smallest laptops available.

Do You Like Apple? If you are an Apple fan, you should consider Acer Helios 300 here. It is a larger laptop with a full keyboard, excellent screen, and a solid processor.

Is Speed Important to You? Are you looking for a laptop to handle everyday tasks such as email, web browsing, and social media? If you are looking for a laptop that can handle all of these tasks, then Gigabyte Aero 15X v8 is suitable for all your heavy tasks.

What Type of Use Do You Need? Do you want a laptop for a student or a professional? If you are looking for a laptop for work, the Asus Zephyrus GA502 comes only for this.

Do You Like Large Laptops? If you are looking for a large laptop, consider the Razer Blade 15. This is a large laptop with a larger screen and a full keyboard. Power and Battery Life.

How much power do you need? If you are looking for a powerful laptop to handle all of your daily tasks, then the MSI GL63 8RC is an attractive choice.

How Much Power Can You Afford? Do you want a laptop that will last for months? If you are looking for a laptop with the most power for the money, consider the Gigabyte Aorus 5 World Best Laptop best for you forever.

Will You Travel With Your Laptop? If you are looking for a laptop that can travel with you, HP OMEN 15 is a good choice. It has a built-in battery and a large screen that is easy to view in bright sunlight.

How to measure laptop size with the Measurement Tool?

Measuring your laptop can be tricky. It’s easy to make mistakes, so you need to be sure you’re getting it right.

Luckily, you can use the measurement tool on Windows to help you. It’s the first tool in the bottom right-hand corner.

You need to take four measurements: screen size, display resolution, weight, and height.

To get started, open the measurement tool.
You’ll be able to see all four measurements on the main screen.
Click on the screen you want to measure.

The screen size will then appear on the lower left-hand side of the screen.
You’ll also see the resolution.
Click on the resolution, and it will appear on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

You’ll be able to see the screen size, resolution, and weight.
To see the height, click on the height, and it will appear on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

To add all four measurements, click on the checkbox in the bottom left-hand corner.

Your measurements will then appear in the bottom right-hand corner.
You can also do this on a Mac.

How can I measure the width and height of my laptop?
You can measure the width of your laptop with a piece of tape on your keyboard. You can measure the height with a piece of tape on the edge of your monitor. Then add them together to get the total. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can measure it with a ruler and add the numbers together. You can also look on the internet for the dimensions of your laptop.

How to know which laptop Bag or Skin to choose based on Size?

You might say, “How does laptop bag size matter?”
And the answer is: Laptop bag size does matter because it can tell you what size laptop you can put in it. For instance, high-quality tablet holders by Neuville Computing are designed for 13″ to 15″ notebooks and will not work as well with a 17″ or 18″ laptop.

To aid customers in the correct selection process, we’ve put together a comprehensive comparison of our most popular bags and skins based on their Size and design preference. We hope our struggle will make finding the perfect fit for your needs easier. I just bought a 15-inch notebook. What size bag is recommended? You can say.

A 15-inch laptop should be stored in a bag with a depth of between 12.5-13 inches.

Can you recommend a bag for a 17-inch notebook?
Yes, A 17-inch notebook should be stored in a bag with a depth of between 13-15 inches.

What Is A Laptop Bag?
A laptop bag is a valuable device for transporting your laptop to work, school, or vacation. A laptop bag is designed to keep your laptop safe and secure. They are also great for keeping all your essentials and valuables. The more expensive bags are also designed to keep your laptop cool. A laptop bag will also ensure your laptop is protected against dirt, dust, and other contaminants. A laptop bag is designed to hold your laptop and keep it safe.

What Is A Laptop Skin?
A laptop skin is a skin that covers your laptop. It can be made from various materials, including leather, vinyl, nylon, plastic, etc. A laptop skin will protect your laptop from dust, scratches, and other damage. They are also designed to help keep your laptop cooler and keep it in good condition. They can also help protect your laptop against water. A laptop skin is designed to protect your laptop. A laptop skin is a piece of material that covers your laptop.

Final Touches

I firmly believe that there is explained everything you know about the laptop size and along with this is also very much cool to understand your needs that can match your profession and whatever you want to perform with a laptop device. To close your laptop decision, we also mention some laptops that can fulfill your exact wants and needs simultaneously.

To save a lot of time by searching online blogs to find you every solution related to the laptop size, we covered everything in this guide. In the end, we hope you will like our this today guide.

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