How To Turn on Laptop Without Power Button?

If your laptop is old and its power button has stopped working, don’t worry. Laptops are more likely to damage if not handled with care and, with time, deteriorate. If your power button has stopped working and you don’t know how to turn on laptop without power button, this article instore some tips and methods.

You will require an extra keyboard for Windows or wake-on-LAN for Windows to start your laptop without a power button. You can also use an external keyboard and enter the clamshell mode to wake your laptop. A broken power button can be highly frustrating as you cannot turn it on and don’t know what to do.

Here is a comprehensive guide explaining how to turn on your laptop without touching the power button to assist you with this issue. This guide will help you use multiple methods and solutions to open your laptop without pressing the power button. Let’s dive in for more information!

How To Install a New Power Button?

Before trying different methods to start your laptop without pressing the power button, install a new power button. It will save you from doing anything else.

If you have a working physical power button, it is much better than all the other methods you need to try to turn on your laptop.

Here are the instructions through which you can install a new power button;

  • Go to the market and find a working and suitable power button same as the company of your laptop.
  • Open up your laptop by taking the bottom off. You can use a screwdriver to open the back cover of your laptop.
  • When you open the laptop, remove the motherboard of your laptop and the keyboard to access the backside of the power button.
  • When you remove the keyboard, you can easily access the power button.
  • Now, remove the power button, install a new one, and ensure you connect it to the motherboard and that all the connections return to where they were.
  • Place the keyboard back, connect it to the right place, and close the laptop completely with screwdrivers.
  • You have a completely new power button, and you can use the button to turn your on and off your laptop easily.

This installation is slightly difficult, and not everyone can do it. If you have the experience and know how to open and close back a laptop, then you can do this, and still, there is no guarantee that this method will work. That’s why there are other methods that you can try to turn on your laptop without a power button.

Methods To Turn on Laptop Without Power Button

Different steps will help you in this process, and here are some of the popular methods to do so;

Using An External Keyboard, Turn On A Windows Laptop Without Using The Power Button

You can use a keyboard to Power on a laptop. This Setting is always disabled by default. When you notice any developing faults of the owner, take some preventive methods and enable the feature to ensure you can also use this method.

Providing Access to an External Keyboard

You will have to change the BIOS Setting to enable the external keyboard, and the steps to do so are as follows;

  • Enter the BIOS setting by using F2 during startup. When you boot your PC, press F2 or DEL key to open the advanced menu options.
  • There is also a chance that you already have the BIOS setting, and for this purpose, you will have to open the Setting from the Start menu
  • Select the Security and Update.
  • Read all the options and select Recovery
  • A tab with two distinct sections is open here.
  • You will notice a new window here; select Troubleshoot. Then, select the Advanced options.
  • Finally, click “Restart Now” in Advanced Setup.
  • Find the setting for Power on by Keyboard or Wake on Keyboard by pressing Enter while on the Power Management or ACPI Management tab.
  • There will be a + or – sign to enable and disable the Setting
  • Select a preferred key that you will use for turning on the Power of the laptop.
  • Save the Setting and exit by using the F10 key.

When you have taken all these steps, your keyboard must have started to work, and you can check this by;

Testing Keyboard Working

  • Shut down the Windows system
  • Press the selected key to Power the laptop.

Through this method, you can get to know if you have worked right.

Enabling Wake-On LAN for Windows 10

Enabling Wake-On LAN for Windows 10

LAN can be used to wake up a laptop and enable BIOS. The Wake-On Lan with BIOS activation process is detailed below;

  • Press F2 to access the BIOS settings when your laptop boots up.
  • When your computer starts up, you can access the advanced menu by pressing the F2 or DEL keys.
  • Press F2 to access BIOS settings at startup.

You must try these procedures if your BIOS is already turned on;

  • You must access the Settings program using the Start menu.
  • Click on Update and Security.
  • After reviewing your options, choose Recovery.
  • A tab with two distinct sections is open here.
  • Click “Restart Now” in the Advanced Setup window. You will see a new window here and choose Troubleshoot
  • Choose the Advanced options.
  • Find the Setting Power on LAN or Wake on LAN by pressing Enter after selecting the Power Management or ACPI Management tab.
  • There will be a + or – sign to enable and disable the Setting
  • Select a preferred key that you will use for turning on the Power of the laptop.
  • Save the Setting and exit by using the F10 key.

After making all of these adjustments, configure the network card to make sure it can start the computer;

Setting up a network card

  • Right-click the Start button and choose Device Manager.
  • Locate the network adapters; right-click on them; select Properties;
  • select the Power Management tab, and check the box next to Allow This Device to Wake the Computer.

Test the Wake-On Lan by;

  • Shutting down the Windows machine, plugging in the LAN, and waiting for Windows to restart.
  • Remember that your motherboard’s settings determine the wake-on LAN setup and capability.

Clock Battery Method

You can try the clock battery method and a hardware approach to start a laptop without a power button. The clock battery method can reset your laptop’s BIOS setting, making it faster to turn on your laptop.

Here are the steps to enable this method;

  • Open you’re by removing the back cover and open it completely with the help of a screwdriver and prying tools.
  • Disconnect the battery cable from your motherboard, which differs from your laptop’s charging cable.
  • After that, remove the clock or CMOS battery from your laptop’s motherboard.
  • Now connect the battery, which will turn on your laptop immediately, and you can also easily access the BIOS.

Final Verdict: How to Turn on a Laptop Without Power Button

If your laptop needs a new power button, you must take it to a laptop shop or need your laptop servicing to connect the power button. Due to this reason, you will still need these other methods to help you in powering on your laptop through software and hardware methods.

Different laptops offer different ways to turn them on without turning the power button on. It is a common problem that all laptops’ power buttons wear out with time, and you need to do something about it.

This article details multiple methods; you can access your laptop easily and use the power button. You can use any of them or try them individually to see which works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When My Laptop Fails to Come On?

There must be a hardware issue if your laptop won’t turn on. A hardware problem is usually due to a fault in the system’s power supply or other hardware components.

How Do I Turn on My Computer With A Broken Power Button?

There are different methods of turning on your computer with a broken problem. You can do this by opening the power switch pins on the motherboard and enabling the external keyboard to turn on the computer easily. You can also follow the instructions in the article and place a new laptop power button.

What Buttons Do You Press to Turn On A Laptop?

There is a power button under the lid of your laptop; you need to turn it on. All the latest laptops have their power button under their lid. If you have some older laptops, they might have their power buttons elsewhere.

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