6 Best Laptops under 150$ – 2023

I know you are planning to buy a laptop under 150$ with a low budget. Sometimes we have money for the dozens of tasks for the home and personal needs at this time, we worry and will not take any good decision, but we can solve this problem quickly. In the other case, most parents can’t afford the expensive budget for their children’s wants.

But the good thing is there are many laptops available at a low price, but we need to find them suitable for us. Most people buy cheap laptops as they have no extra money for expensive laptops.

We can fulfil our desires under 150$ or fewer dollars in the laptops world. These laptops mostly use for our basic requirements in everyday life. If you have a gamer, video editing person, and do other heavy tasks like this, you need to buy a rich price laptop for more features.

In this article, we cover the best laptops under 150 that you can buy at an affordable price. We search for many days and check a dozen laptops’ features, prices, customer reviews, and more to provide you with the best value under minimum budget. But the prices constantly change, keep in mind.

What kinds of things should you consider under 150$ laptops?

Most customers see the best performance, good laptop screen display, and long time batter in the different price range. But also make sure while buying this type of laptop get those laptops by using them you can access your lots of requiring work. So we will discuss 6 Best Laptops under 150$ 2021.

1- Acer Flagship CB3-532 – Best chrome book laptop

Acer Flagship CB3 532 Best chrome book laptop

Acer always provides us best devices under a lower budget, and that is true. Acer Flagship comes with the latest premium features at a low price, and we can buy it in our budget money. The interface of this chrome book is very engaging and impressive; most of the operations are updated this time for better support. This product has been professionally tested and then provided at amazon to buy.

As you know, Acer never failed in its devices performance, quality and price. Intel Dual-Core Celeron N3060 processor comes with extra support like horse speed in heavy working time. It does not change and is stuck while editing documents, watching movies on the internet and live streaming.

Ram is 2GB that is enough for the chrome book OS for typical uses. You can open lots of chrome tabs by utilizing its high-quality ram performance.

The screen is large with a beautiful and modern design and has 15-inch width to see bigger. But the storage is not much; only 16 GB of space is available for the professional purpose ram should be under 50GB. There are 3.0 Flash drive ports open to get a better experience. Protect your essential data in the form of files and video with high-quality security features.

  • Easy to use for the normal persons
  • Good operating system
  • Has high-quality keyboard and mouse
  • You can get additional cloud storage
  • Low Ram and storage
  • Light problem

2- Samsung Chromebook 3- with premium ram and space

Samsung Chromebook 3- with premium ram and space

The Samsung company has been rising in the marketplace for a few years and has introduced many devices with many beneficial features. This brand has nine years of customers trust for the better and quality things. You can also trust them for your buying things.

It is powered by an Intel Celeron processor that is best for the high experience. It is primarily designed for professional people who want to work in an office, like editing documents, making the presentation in PowerPoint and other software by getting less noise and stocking problems.

Chrome operating system is best to get your desire performance in less ram or processer provides for better user experience. 4GB Ram support it, which is good for us to buy under 150 or less money. The display is outstanding, with the colourful and delighted screen is 17 inches wide.

If you do excel related work, you are right. This one support excell and run speed to save you precious time daily and is also called the most affordable device in the market with 64GB of ample space.

  • High storage space
  • Great ram and processor
  • Best budget laptop
  • Has capability issues

3-Hp 14-inch ChromeBook

hp stream


As we know, you are looking for laptops devices under 150$ hp is the best choice for you this type of budget. I tell you Hp is the largest and old famous brand which has had great popularity among people over the many years. Everyone wants to buy the best laptops with many features if you include those peoples you can buy them. This one provides you best value from the perspective of price and heavy features.

This laptop provides you AMD Dual-Core A4-9120C Processor to run this fast in daily life while working and watching movies. For your fast and stuck-free use, the ram is 4 GB. In my thought, this ram is suitable for any Chromebook to get better performance. These specifications enable you to use ideally in the specific environments whether you work on workshop to monitor the shop data.

If you need affordable, lightweight laptops, this one is best and comes with 14 inches screen, battery-run long time for your daily use. But the keyboard is not good, made with cheap material, in the comparison of the other, this one is 10x better.

  • Good storage and Ram
  • Very lightweight with amazing speakers
  • Portable for all the uses
  • skin made with plastic
  • Cheap keyboard but comfortable

4- Acer C720 Chromebook


Acer C720 Chromebook


Acer C720 Chromebook is best for better performance, beautiful design, and unique features. If you want to buy a laptop for your free time or work, you can buy it at a low price if you do not have any extra budget. This laptop provides us multitasking facilities, lack free super speed, and ultra screen while watching HD movies. It is an ultimately Chromebook device; as you know, Chromebook software has cloud base support. If you do not try Chromebook in your life, you can enjoy this fun by buying this great laptop.

So, we talk about its performance and display that is pretty good for ordinary persons. Its 4GB Ram gives us multitasking features for video editing, live streaming, and heavy games. Real-time storage is enough for your data saving with perfect security. 

If you explain its display 11 inches screen included it and added HD graphics to make the detailed view of the games. I think it enables you to enjoy more and more by playing games and increasing your enjoyment level, providing excellent high-resolution quality. 

This pc is portable and easy to use, but the space limitation is low; you can use this device for traveling in public transports, school, and temporary office work. 

  • Lightweight
  • Has gamer-friendly graphics
  • Good price for the budget persons
  • Touch screen and display amazing
  • Limited space
  • Less offline facilities

5- Samsung Exynos 5250

Samsung Exynos 5250


In case if we have many popular brands and can’t understand which brand device is best for you. Now it’s time to explain it from all the perspectives fully. Samsung is a genius for you for web programming and online data storage. Samsung Exynos Chromebook 3 utilizes the many internet applications available offline and online on both platforms, and you can use both, which you want.

Samsung is the winner of low prices with many features. It gives us fully amazingly performance, good visibility with 16GB SSD, 1.7GHz processor, 2 GB ram, and 2x better battery life for your long time use. As you know, SSD is better in comparison to the Hard Disk. That is why the performance is super duper high. 2GB ram runs all your applications fast with the ultimate support of a 1.7GHz processor.

When the time to describe its display, I tell you 11.6inches screen fitted in it and skin made with Silver material for the 10x fantastic look. Again space is limited but enough for the regular users. Ram should be increased in the updated versions. Some other budgets gaming laptops are also available at a low price. You can buy these laptops to get some extra features for gaming, video editing, multitasking, photoshop, and other software like this. 

  • Lightweight and works great
  • very cooling interface
  • Run 10x fast
  • Space is low in budget laptop

6- ZAGG ID9RMK Rugged


Now we come on the very cheap laptops less than has 99$ in the budget laptops list. If you have no extra budget for your laptop’s device, you can try it. It offers you some premium features like high space, better ram and high-quality display screen in HD format view, and a lifetime running battery with the support of a processor.

ZAGG ID9RMK rugged has a durable keyboard with incredible layers of protection guard that protect the corner features against the impact of the damage. Give you the extra facility to connect other devices to share data, exchanges files, take internet connectivity from the other instruments. If you see this device from multiple angles, you feel it is a fantastic show to see everywhere good.

Good style of keys, black keys, and comfortable typing experience, especially for the typing person, give an extra edge by providing low light typing features in some conditions. The battery life is good; you can use it for 7 to 8 hours without charging it in the office or college.

  • Well design and good protection
  • Cool sounds
  • Super duper battery life
  • Charge Log issue

Final Lines

Today every one have limited budget but want to buy laptop for daily life needs and wants. As you know laptop is become an secondry requirment of every business or normal person.

If you have low budget and worry about the purchasing laptop devices than you are at the right place. Our upper listed laptop device are good for those persons who have not any enough budget.

In the conclusion we hope you get more benfits our this struggle. But at the end if you can afford then you must go with premium devices because budget laptop does not have any benefical features that can give your extra performance, so keep in mind.

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