Why Are Laptops So Expensive?

Laptops always seem expensive when deciding between a PC and a laptop for your new upgrade. Do you ever wonder why are laptops so expensive? Why do they always cost more than their desktop counterparts?

Laptops are expensive due to their high cost in creating a compact machine that delivers high performance. The cost of making the hardware compact and functional takes the overall price to a premium point. Hardware performance is not the sole factor for laptop pricing. Their increasing demand also makes them a hot commodity, increasing their prices.

This article contains all the necessary details you need to know about laptops and their high prices. I bet you don’t want to miss the best information!

Why Are Laptops Expensive?

Here are some of the different reasons that contribute together to make such an increase in the prices of laptops;


When buying a laptop, you admire its portability and multiple features stored in a compact device. When these two characteristics combine, a point goes out of the affording capability. With the change in time, people like to buy these gadgets. When you want all the features in a product, you will have to pay a lot of money for it.

Graphic Cards and Multiple Cores

Graphic Cards

Laptops are often packed with graphics cards and multiple-core processors. These high-end graphics cards and processes can increase the cost of the laptop. Buying a laptop with the latest GPU and CPU costs can increase many folds.

Expensive Components

Graphic Cards and Multiple Cores

The main reason laptop prices are going to hike is the expensive components of these gadgets. All the components in this machine make it extremely unaffordable for a commoner.

All these crucial components, including GPU, motherboard, RAM, and many other parts, make it expensive. These components are assembled in a single compact unit, making a laptop.

They are extremely costly, and their prices are much higher than the component prices of conventional computers. Other than the components mentioned above, there are some other components, including a keyboard, screen, ports, and touchpad; all these components combine and decide the laptop’s price.

Your laptop will also see USB, HDMI, and other microphone jacks. Considering all these features, the cost of the laptop is understandable.


A laptop is well-known due to its portability. The main selling point of a laptop is that you can easily move it from one place to another without dealing with the wiring system or the extra weight of a desktop, CPU, etc. You can easily work anywhere without a table or desk with a laptop.

You can take your laptop with you. It means you don’t need to worry about your assignments getting late. Another factor is the mobility of your laptop. Several companies, including ASUS, Lenovo, and HP, are developing new hardware and other technologies to make laptops lighter, portable, and compact.

It is better to have the luxury of working wherever you want and whenever you choose. Fitting different types of components into one compact laptop is very hard, and that’s one reason laptops are expensive.

Cooling Solutions

A laptop has a built-in cooling system. This cooling system helps the laptop stay cool even when performing multiple tasks simultaneously. Attaching a small heat sink and a fan costs you extra. This cooling system makes partially vacuum-sealed heat pipes and inner wick and fluid.

There are different methods and ways through which the laptop gets cooling solutions. There might be some dedicated fans inside the system that help your laptop to stay cool. These fans exclude the hot air from multiple vents.

If you want to make your laptop highly portable, you need to ensure a perfect cooling system for it as well. You can do this by ensuring the cooling system. But remember that this cooling system will also incur an extra price increase.

Battery Efficiency

There are huge batteries attached to laptops; all these batteries keep your laptop from shutting down and running without a direct power source. They have batteries that charge and ensure the running of your laptop without charging for a long time. You can charge it fully, remove the charger, and keep it moving without any problem.

One of the main reasons the laptop is expensive is its battery and storage capability. Laptops have all the small-sized, power-efficient components. These amazing components include a separate graphics card and integrated graphics, which makes the laptop’s power efficient.

The size of the screen also affects the power usage of your laptop. When a laptop uses less power, the screen is smaller than the desktop. When the laptop has a large battery and power efficiency, laptops have a solution allowing you to perform longer without plugging in the power outlet.

Advanced Features

There are some advanced features in most of laptops. These advanced features help the work smoothly. You can use the windows with the touch screen. With this feature, you can use your computer more like a tablet. You can touch it like your Android phone and use it easily. Students can use this feature to take notes during class.

You will also notice other features, such as high-resolution displays and touchscreen. With high displays, the gaming laptops will give the users refresh rates and high resolution to experience perfect gaming.

Final Verdict: What are Laptops more Expensive than Computers?

Different reasons contribute together to making the laptop expensive. When you look closely, you will find many components and advanced features in them that make them expensive and unaffordable.

Being a compact device full of features requires some price increase. This article explains briefly all the points that contribute to making laptops expensive. You can read this article and learn about all the different components contributing to making the laptop expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Most Expensive Part of a Laptop?

The display of the laptops is the most expensive part due to its high resolution and advanced technology. Motherboards and graphics cards are also expensive parts. Depending on the laptop type, the expensiveness shuffle between these features.

Is $1000 Too Much for A Laptop?

There are many premium laptops that you can get in that price range. You can take an exceptionally amazing and well-built laptop with a metal chassis, including an Apple MacBook Air. You can also get 2 in 2 convertible or a gaming laptop with a powerful CPU and GPU.

Are Laptops Without Windows Cheaper?

When you get a laptop without Windows, you are getting it at a lower purchase price. In this way, you don’t need to pay any unnecessary for the Microsoft license. You can buy and use Windows for your laptop easily for free later.

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