Who Has Hunter Bidens Laptop? [Hidden Facts]

Someone who is one of the most powerful vice presidents in U.S. history has had his computer confiscated. This prompted the FBI to assign a whopping sixteen agents to simultaneously try to crack an unknown code that’s said to be on the hard drive of Hunter Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s son. Who Has Hunter Bidens Laptop? You’ll be surprised when you find out who it is!

Who is Hunter Biden?

Hunter Biden was born in 1970. While Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, was raising him, he also served as a senator for Delaware for more than three decades. Hunter Biden graduated from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and Yale Law School.

He married Kathleen Buhle, who is now his second wife (he divorced his first wife, Kathleen, in 2017), and moved to Los Angeles with her. The couple has three children together. According to New York Times reports, Hunter Biden has been in and out of rehab for addiction to drugs and alcohol throughout his adult life.

Who Has Hunter Bidens Laptop?

The laptop of Hunter Biden was stolen in Ukraine. He is the son of former Vice President Joe Biden and has been accused of being involved in corruption.

The laptop contained information about his business, which has led to speculation that he was involved in corruption.

The laptop that was reportedly searched for by the FBI and was then taken by the Secret Service belonged to Hunter Biden. It is not clear who has the laptop now.

How Long Has The FBI Had Hunter Bidens Laptop?

It was reported that the FBI had had Biden’s laptop since last spring. According to CNN, the FBI is examining the laptop to see if it contains evidence of a possible illicit business relationship between Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian oligarch. An attorney for Biden has said that his client has not been told about any formal investigation. Biden, who is vice chairman of the Ukrainian gas company, is not expected to face criminal charges.

What Has Been Found On Hunter Bidens Laptop?

According to an official statement by the police department, cholesterol, heart rate, and temperature information were found on Bidens laptop.

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The Verdict: Who Has Hunter Bidens Laptop?

So, the bottom line is that we don’t really know. Biden may very well ask investigators to try and recover the laptop, but if they can’t get it back, he’ll likely have little recourse. (In fact, he may have a hard time proving actual damages as well.) No one’s really sure of everything that’s on the laptop (besides pictures of Hunter in his younger days). Is there something else on there? Probably not.

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