How Long Do Laptops Last?

How Long Do Laptops Last?

Is your laptop making weird noises for the last few days? Are you keep replacing the poor-performing components of your laptop? If these are the problems you are suffering with, you must be looking for answers like how long laptops last and whether it is time to get a laptop replacement.

The average lifespan of the laptop is almost 3-4 years. But if you take care of your laptop daily and use antivirus software to clean its system, it can last longer than 5 years. If you are using a business laptop, it can last longer than 5 years with proper maintenance. Gaming laptops can last longer than 8 years, only if they are expensive.

So, how long do laptops last? Let’s look at an answer:

How Long Can Laptops Last?

There is no average lifespan of the laptops. Each laptop’s quality differs from the others, meaning each laptop lasts for different years. Laptops are used differently for business purposes and personal purposes.

There are various factors which identify the lifespan of laptops. The range of the laptop also determines how long the laptop will last. A laptop of plastic or any low quality lasts up to 2-4 years.

While business laptops last more than 7 years because of their high quality, manufacturers specially make them with high-quality material to allow users to use them for longer.

Whatever laptop you use, its components lose their efficiency after a few years. Laptops with low-quality materials and cheap tend to lose their efficiency quicker than high-quality laptops.

But it does not mean the business or expensive laptop components are never outdated. They also stop working and lose their working efficiency after a few years. It will not be practical if your expensive laptop’s battery and components do not allow the user to work comfortably.

Specifically, the laptop’s lifespan always depends on how much the user spends time using the laptop. How much intensive work you do on your laptop also determines its lifespan. Generally, the higher the laptop’s quality and cost, its components will last longer.

  • If you purchased the laptop for $600 or less, it will last up to 2-4 years.
  • If you purchased the laptop from $700 to $1000, it will last up to 3-5 years.
  • Laptops that are more expensive than $1000 last more than 7 years.

Your laptop’s life depends on how much work you are doing on it and how intensive work you perform daily.

Does Price and Laptop Life Correlate?

Yes, the life of the laptop somehow depends on the price of the laptop. The cheaper the laptop will be, the minimum years it will last. While the more expensive the laptop will be, the more and longer years it will last.

The less expensive laptops contain cheaper, plastic-made components that last only a few years. After 1-2 years, the components start causing problems, and the laptop loses its efficiency.

While if the laptop is expensive, its components are made of high-quality material and brand. So, they last longer than expected and perform higher for many years. High-quality laptops are always expensive.

  • If you purchased the laptop for $600 or less, it will last up to 2-4 years.
  • If you purchased the laptop from $700 to $1000, it will last up to 3-5 years.
  • Laptops that are more expensive than $1000 last more than 7 years.

Life Of Different Laptop Types

The lifespan of the laptop surely depends on its type. Different laptops serve different uses; high usage affects their hardware and other components. So, if you want to know how long your laptop will last, you must know the type of your laptop. Here are some common types of laptops and their lifespan and pricing; look which one is yours:

Consumer Laptops

Consumer laptop is the one which runs as the family laptop. A user can use the consumer laptop for mini tasks, like using social media platforms, checking emails and preparing little presentations.

They are the cheapest versions, but that does not mean they cannot last long, like gaming and business laptops. Consume laptops are just for performing minimal tasks because of their low storage system.

The hardware inside the consumer laptop is not high-tier, just like the business and gaming laptops. Recently, when Chrome Books launched, the need for the hardware became less. Chrome books make affordable and ultra-light laptop choices with little budget.

So, users can now purchase cheaper laptops with high quality and long battery lives. Consumer laptops can easily last up to one year; they have a one-year warranty. You can extend its life with proper maintenance and care. The consumer laptops last more than 3 years with proper care and maintenance.

Gaming Laptops

There is a whole new conversation when we talk about gaming laptops. Gaming laptops are expensive, have plenty of features, and are heavier and more robust. The mid-range gaming laptops can last many years.

You can download and play multiple games in it without flaws. If you spend a good amount of cash to purchase an average gaming laptop, you can expect its life for over 5 years. It will perform best in those 5 years before losing its working efficiency.

The expensive laptops can last more than 8-10 years if you have spent thousands of dollars on them. They give the user perfect and high-level performance with little care and maintenance.

If you are a gamer and want to purchase any gaming laptop, the laptop with a 4-5 years warranty will be the best. This laptop can last more than 8 years with you.

Business Laptop

Laptops used only for business purposes in offices, schools and universities are also the best choice. They give the best performance to the user even in intensive tasks.

Manufacturers make business laptops in a way to bear any mishaps and last longer. Business laptops with high-quality bodies are perfect for those doing any job and must perform several intensive tasks.

Business laptops can reinforce wear and tear and not heat up even after working a few hours. If you expect a long-lasting business laptop, you must spend $3000 to purchase the best one.

Mac OS, an HP and Microsoft Surface are some of the best business laptops people usually prefer.

When To Get The New Laptop?

Laptops are very dear to everyone, and every person wants to use his laptop for longer. You must use your laptop daily if you are a business person or a student. Too much laptop use also weakens its components and lowers its performance.

Here are some common signs of damaged or aged laptops. If you observe them on your laptop, that means you have to look for a new one now:

1. Compatibility Problems

If you are suffering from the problems of damaged laptop components, you must be looking for new parts to replace with old ones. Replacing the older components with the newer ones is not a daunting task, but if you face a compatibility problem, then what will you do?

Different companies make the components of laptops. It would be impossible to replace the components of the less expensive laptops without causing any errors. While replacing, you might find the hardware or RAM incompatible with the software.

It would be best to check your laptop before replacing any component. You can check its compatibility if you are using Mac or Windows laptop.

2. Slow Performance

Over time, the laptops start giving a slow performance. Laptops give a perfect performance for the 3-4 years, but after that, their performance slowed down in the early days. It will take longer to load the web pages, open the applications, start the laptop, and shut down the laptop.

If you have downloaded the latest version of the app, the old or outdated hardware will struggle a lot. As laptops slow down their performance after every few years, remember to take your laptop for a speed test after every six months.

3. Loud Noise Of Fans

One of the biggest signs of the old laptop is the loud noises of the laptop fan. With time, the laptop components also become old. So, they start struggling for better performance.

If your laptop is less expensive and you have been using it continuously for the past 8-10 hours, its system will get heated up. When the system heated up, the fan started cooling down the system.

If your laptop is too old, the fan will make loud noises while cooling down the system, which identifies that your laptop is outdated and old now.

4. Breakages

Accidents can happen to anyone. Accidents can make the laptops have repairs, which makes the laptop too expensive. Spillages, knocks, drops and cold pressure are the causes which can create breakages in the laptop. Whenever breakage issues appear, your laptop is old enough to replace with a newer one.

Tips To Improve the Lifespan of Your Laptop

If you are suffering from the above problems with your laptop, here are some tips to improve the performance of your laptop and increase its lifespan:

1. Do Not Overcharge the Laptop

Do Not Overcharge the Laptop

Each laptop has specific counts of charge lifespan. When your laptop battery reaches those specific counts, it will no longer be able to charge. The laptop battery only charges when the counts are below that specific number.

After exceeding the counts, your laptop will not get charged whenever you plug a charger into it. The only solution to make the laptop battery last longer is to charge it only when needed. Unplug the charger immediately when it gets fully charged.

2. Use A Cooling Pad

laptop Cooling Pad

The laptops are so compact that they get overheated so easily. So, if the laptop’s cooling system does not work properly due to dust and debris, the only option is to use the cooling pads.

Reliable cooling pads help the system cool down quickly and work properly and smoothly. They reduce the risk of overheating and improve the laptop’s performance. With a better cooling system, your laptop will last longer.

3. Clean Your Laptop Daily

Clean Your Laptop Daily
Clean Your Laptop Daily

The other simple way to make your laptop last longer is to clean it regularly. After every few days, clean the dust and debris from the vents and fan of the laptop thoroughly. Using compressed air can blow the dust out of vents.

Ensure to clean the vents and all other components of the laptop regularly. If dust accumulates in the vents, it blocks the laptop’s cooling system, and the system gets overheated within a few minutes.

4. Install and Run Antivirus Software

If you think the system is working slowly and not performing better than in the early days, install good antivirus software and run it on your laptop. The safety and security of your laptop is in your hands.

No matter how careful you are, sometimes the malicious software attacks the laptop system even with great care. The only best way to protect your laptop system is to install antivirus software and kill all the junk files and viruses from your system.

5. Freshen the OS

The Mac and Windows laptops allow users to reinstall the OS whenever they want. The user even will not lose any data. If you use a Mac laptop, go to Recovery mode and freshen your laptop.

On the other hand, if you are using a Windows 10 laptop, go to the Fresh Start option and reinstall the OS. It will refresh the system and allow the users to use new features.

Final Verdict: How Long Do Laptops Usually Last?

Reading the above methods and tips must have assured you of the lifespan of any laptop. Whatever laptop you use, its lifespan depends on how you use it. Proper care and maintenance help the laptops last longer than expected time.

The average lifespan of the laptop is almost 3-4 years. But if you take care of your laptop daily and use antivirus software to clean its system, it can last longer than 5 years. The budget-friendly consumer laptops can last longer than 3 years with proper care and maintenance.

If you are using a business laptop, it can last longer than 5 years with proper maintenance. Gaming laptops can last longer than 8 years, only if they are expensive. Usually, the lifespan of your laptop depends on its quality and how much you use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Laptop Last 10 Years?

The average lifespan of the laptop is 3-5 years. You can extend its lifespan with care and maintenance by at least 6 years. Laptops cannot last more than this time. Running advanced applications and software makes the laptop components less capable. So, it cannot last longer than 10 years.

What Shortens the Lifespan of a Laptop?

There are plenty of factors which affect the performance and lifespan of the laptop. Here are some of them:

  • Liquid spill
  • Outdated hardware and drivers
  • A buildup of dust and heat
  • Careless handling
  • Disregard for warning signals
  • Poor maintenance

How Do You Know If a Laptop Will Last a Long Time?

If you have been using your laptop for over five years and its performance still matches the early years, it will last longer. Usually, expensive laptops and gaming laptops always last longer. The high storage and system power indicate whether the system can serve last.

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